Q: What is Safer Sex?

Our Sexperts at Condom Depot promote what we refer to as “Safer Sex”, and strongly believe that there is no such thing as “Safe-Sex” unless you have absolutely NO sexual interaction at all.

Simply put, having NO sexual contact at all (NO dry humping, NO kissing, NO oral sex, NO anal sex, and NO sexual intercourse), otherwise known as complete sexual abstinence, celibacy, or if you happen to be asexual.

PLEASE NOTE: “Safer Sex” defined by Condom Depot would be the act of using forms of contraception and protection with every sexual encounter including oral sex, anal sex, and sexual intercourse, including the use of both condoms and a dental dam, without fail.  Statistics from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) confirm that, “Consistent and correct use of male latex condoms can reduce (though not eliminate) the risk of STD transmission. To achieve the maximum protective effect, condoms must be used both consistently and correctly.”  Hence, why we say “Safer Sex” versus “Safe-Sex”.  We hope that you found this information helpful and you will continue to practice “Safer-Sex” by using protection every time you get it on! – CondomDepot

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