Product Review: The Vibrating Johnny

My partner and I finally caved, very eagerly, and gave CondomDepot’s Original Vibrating Johnny Vibrating Ring a go, and it seriously left my head spinning.


Neither of us have ever used a vibrating ring before, so when he pulled out the Vibrating Johnny package from my bedside table, I immediately raised my eyebrows with intrigue.

“Let’s do it!” I said with probably more enthusiasm than was necessary as he was already ripping open the package.

The Vibrating Johnny is made from 100% Medical Grade Silicone, making it very soft and comfortable. Plus, it stretches, yet fits snug enough to keep blood trapped in the penis for a stronger, longer-lasting erection. For all erection ring sizes, check out the Erection Ring Size Chart.

After sliding on the ring, my partner described it as being super comfortable against the sensitive skin of his penis. There was virtually no pinching or tugging, and the flexibility of the silicone material left him more room for concentrating on me and less on the ring.


Once he flipped the small switch on the clitoral stimulator, which sits at the top of the vibrating ring, his eyes widened. The buzzing sound of the stimulator was definitely noticeable, but much quieter than a standard vibrator.

As soon as his penis was inside of me, I could feel every inch of him softly vibrating. He described it as a gentle tickle, and I can completely agree. Not only could I feel his shaft vibrating, but the powerful buzz of the clitoral stimulator sent me into an immediate frenzy as soon as it touched my clit. It was powerful enough to get me off, but still not overpowering to the point that I couldn’t enjoy intercourse. Despite the battery life of the clitoral stimulator being only about 30 minutes, I was still able to have a clitoral orgasm and an orgasm from vaginal penetration.

Two orgasms with one ring. Yes, please!

Final Verdict:

Not only does the Vibrating Johnny Vibrating Ring get a seal of approval from my partner, but it also gets one big “Hell Yes!” from me. I am officially a fan of this product and will be filling my bedside table with these fun, orgasm-inducing vibrating rings.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

5 Stars “Amazing…didn’t think this would work that well, but it was cheap and small, so i picked it up. This this is unreal. Another reason why they say great things come in small packages!” Keven M. – OC, CA

5 Stars “We never tried a vibrating ring before, and we were curious to see how it felt. Let me say, my wife and I loved using it! We want to stock up on these rings!” Mike and Kathy S – Los Angeles, CA

5 Stars “I don’t know who Johnny is, but he must be a genius. This vibrating ring is inexpensive, fits well, works well, and is just plain awesome!” Brady – Maryland

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