Illinois Sex Education: State Bans Abstinence-Only Sex Ed

On May 22nd, Illinois state legislature passed a bill banning Abstinence-Only Sexual Education courses.

This is a huge step in proper safe sex education and a brave move on behalf of Illinois legislature. Currently Illinois schools have three options when it comes to sexual education 1) an abstinence only program 2) a combination of abstinence and safe sex teachings or 3) no course at all. This new legislation will focus down sexual education to promote  safe sex awareness. Let’s just hope these courses can prevent this from happening in the future.  More details below:

SPRINGFIELD — Illinois public schools that teach sex education will be required to provide information about birth control under a measure the Senate sent to Gov. Pat Quinn on Wednesday.

The legislation is a change from current policy, where abstinence is the only requirement for schools with sex ed classes. The measure was approved on a 37-21 vote and needed 30 to pass.

[Source – Chicago Tribune]


  1. It would be awesome if each state would follow Illinois’s lead…. I don’t see teens abstaining from sex any time soon.

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