Picking Your “Safe-Word(s)” (VIDEO)

Maybe you’ve been there in the bedroom or maybe you haven’t…where you weren’t really feeling it, or worse in excruciating pain while having sex, but not sure how to vocalize it to your partner without it dampening your time together.

At some point in your life you may be in a sexual relationship or encounter and need to create a “Safe-Word” that can be said during the act of sex, so that your partner knows you are uncomfortable or ready to move on.

Create word(s) that by definition may have nothing to do with what you are experiencing. For example, exclaiming BANANA if you are hurting, rather than, “Ow!”…which in most cases would be a total sex buzzkill, that nobody wants!  I highly recommend having two “Safe-Words”, one for pain and one for when you are ready to modify your sexual activity, as to not kill the mood.  It can be a funny word or set of words that both you and your partner decide on together.

Picking your “Safe-Word(s)” is a fun activity in itself, surely to get you and your partner revved up and ready to go.  You would use the “Safe-Word(s)” when you have reached your threshold with a certain position or pressure, or if you are experiencing any type of pain or discomfort.

My safe word is peanut butter for pain and jelly for when i’m ready for something else!

Leave us a comment with your “Safe-Word” or “Safe-Words” and what they mean, or the funniest ones you’ve ever heard.

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