Mark Your Calendars: The Best Nights For Hot Sex!

Having your period doesn’t always have to be this dreaded week-long affair of no sex and feeling unsexy. Your cycle can actually bring on more lusty fantasies, draw you to macho men and grant you a strut that gives guys whiplash. Tap into the power.


Week 1: Your period begins.

You sound sultry

Your voice will be hoarser this week, notes research in PLoS ONE. Have a whispery conversation during an intimate dinner date. Or belt out a low, throaty number (think Adele!) at karaoke afterward.

Week 2: And… you’re… ovulating.

Your workout’s on fire

Rising estrogen levels mean you could burn more fat than usual with exercise, a review in the journal Current Opinion in Pharmacology suggests. The effect may be strongest during the two days pre-ovulation.

Craving beefcake

Masculine men do it for you now, according to research from the University of Stirling. Macho features (think large jaw) signal that a man will pass good genes to your offspring. Your libido is also sky-high this week, which can make sex with a dude like this intense. Or, hell, simply enjoy ogling.

Oooh! Makeup sex!

At peak fertility (i.e., this week), women get more assertive and men get more possessive, says Steven Gangestad, Ph.D., an evolutionary psychologist at the University of New Mexico. That tension could cause sparring, but because you’re more easily aroused now, when he apologizes in bed, it might just blow your mind.

You dream steamy

For guys, every day is sexual-daydream day, but your fantasies skyrocket on day 13 of your cycle, a study in Archives of Sexual Behavior reports. Clear the calendar this week, and turn that wild imagination into some incredibly satisfying horizontal moments.

Trust your gaydar

Is he straight or not? While you’re ovulating, your instincts for sussing out a guy’s sexual orientation will be spot-on, a study in Psychological Science notes. Your odds of conceiving are so great, it’s worth knowing if he’s actually into you, right?

You are so not shy

In fact, you’re ultra competitive, dressing in revealing clothes that make you stand out from other women, a study in the Journal of Consumer Research reveals. Warning: You may find shopping irresistible, the researchers say. Before splurging, ask, “Do I love it, or are my hormones talking?”

Your walk is wow

You’re looking to mate around now, so when there’s a man nearby, you’ll unconsciously alter your usual stride to a slower, Sofía Vergara–esque amble, a study in Gait & Posture shows. Shake what your mama gave ya.

Weeks 3 to 4: Prep for your period

Hasta luego, bad habits

It might be a good time to put out that unsexy cigarette. Estrogen normally enhances the warm fuzzies you get from indulging, but increased progesterone makes it easier to resist, researchers from the University of Minnesota say. Bonus: A healthy body equals more energetic sex.

Relax, girl

You may not sleep as well as you do the rest of the month, due to rising progesterone levels, a review in the International Journal of Endocrinology indicates. Wind down by getting your partner to give you a nice, loooooong massage.

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