Wallace: Splitting the Stream

This article comes from personal experience and from a recent conversation with one of my co-workers here at Condom Depot.  Why does urine spray out strangely after intercourse?

The above video demonstrates my point perfectly. In my own scholarly attempts I scoured around the interweb and have found only “hunches” or “best guesses” from the general populace.  Here’s a list of proposed reasons the urine stream get’s split.

  • After Sex:  If there is any semen still left in the urethra after ejaculation it will be pushed out with urine, which is common, however the change in flow caused by the left over ejaculate may cause the urine to dispense in a non uniform manner.

  • After Sex:  If you don’t wash the penis after intercourse, leftover semen (or other leftover fluid) at the tip of the urethra may dry out.  Ever put your thumb over a water hose to make the water spray everywhere?  That’s exactly what happens when leftover fluid dries over the tip of the urethra, just with urine.

  • Random Occurrence:  Even small things like a rogue piece of boxer lint or a loose pubic hair can completely disrupt your flow causing a catastrophe for your bathroom walls.

There are a lot of things that can interrupt the urine flow.  Best thing to do is to give your jimmy a quick check before you pee, if you can remember.  If you’re like me, a shoot first and ask questions later type of guy, it may not stop you from spraying everywhere unintentionally, but at least know you know why it’s happening.


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