Safe Sex With Friends – The Video Game

Back in May, we covered the game design contest aimed at teaching safer sex practices through video games.  Safe Sex With Friends is the winner of the $35,000 Games for Change competition.

Developed by a trio of designers: Kaho Abe, Ramsey Nasser, and Sarah Schoemann, Safe Sex With Friends has players matching up body parts to safe sex barriers.  One body part plus one barrier method plus another body part is a match.  Below is an example.


The concept is very clever, and the very act of matching body parts to barriers (like condoms) indirectly teaches the player what safe sex barriers are appropriate for what body part or sex act.  The game has not been released yet.  With the $35,000 the team plans to build out the game for a full release on Android and Apple app stores.  Move over Candy Crush, it’s time to get (safe) sexy.


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