Chlamydia Linked to Cancer

German researchers discover a link between Chlamydia infections and cancer.  As if having an STD/STI couldn’t get worse


Cindrilla Chumduri, Rajendra Kumar Gurumurthy and Thomas F. Meyer, researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology in Berlin, discovered Chlamydia induces long-lasting effects on the genome and epi-genome of their host cells.  This means that the Chlamydia bacteria takes on a viral role and mutates the DNA genomes of the infected.  These changes are linked to a range of cancers based on research findings.

The research shows that Chlamydia infections can change the host DNA by overriding the normal body functions that prevent unregulated growth of genetically damaged cells.  This build up of damage cells can lead to the development of cancer at an accelerated rate.

What’s worse, individuals infected with Chlamydia rarely exhibit symptoms that would tip off them or their partner of an infection.  If the infection persists without treatment it can lead to a chronic infection.

Your first step against any STD/STI should be to practice safe sex and grab a condom.  This includes the use of devices like dental dams to protect from oral infections.  So wrap it up, it could help you stay cancer free.


[Source – UPI]

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