Q: Where Can I Find a Super Thin Condom?

Q: Where Can I Find a Super Thin Condom?

A: We have a sizing chart available at our information center as well as a helpful infographic to help you get the right measurements for your penis.  For a thin condom, we’d recommend either the Okamoto 004  or the Lifestyles Zero.

Proper lubrication will also help with making you feel as if the condom is not there.  We recommend applying lube to your penis before rolling on the condom to reduce friction and giving you a more natural feel.

Best Thin Condom: The Okamoto 004

Okamoto 004 offers its consumers an ultimate supreme quality latex condom for the absolute closest simulation to wearing nothing at all.  It is a super thin condom and offers the best in terms of a bareback feeling, without compromising you and your partner’s safety from contracting STDs and unwanted pregnancy.

Okamoto 004 offered a smooth entry and enough lubrication to last the duration of our love making.  It was by far the closest latex condom we have found to wearing nothing at all, that we’ve tried thus far.  I highly recommend trying the Okamoto 004 condom, if you’re looking for the highest quality latex condom to provide you and your partner with the most outstanding bareback sensation, to protect and enhance your pleasure.

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