Condom Review: Okamoto 004

Okamoto 004 condoms are manufactured in Japan by Okamoto, the same company that has brought us the ever so popular Crown Skinless Skin and Beyond Seven condoms.


Okamoto 004 offers its consumers an ultimate supreme quality latex condom for the absolute closest simulation to wearing nothing at all.  It is the thinnest condom on the market today and offers the best in terms of a bareback feeling, without compromising you and your partner’s safety from contracting STDs and unwanted pregnancy.

OKAMOTO-004-FBUpon using the condom last night my partner and I were very impressed by its comfortability and overall feeling.  In terms of the condom’s size of the Okamoto 004, my partner noticed that it was a little different than its cousins, Beyond Seven & Crown Skinless Skin that we’ve tried in the past.

He noted that it was a much better fit for him personally, as he is rather lengthy.  It measures about 7.75 in long and 1.94 in wide. This is the same length but a little wider than the Beyond Seven Sheerlon condom and is the same width but a little shorter than the Crown Skinless Skin condom, which can make all the difference.

As always please refer to our condom sizing chart when selecting the right fitting condom and make sure you read the instructions carefully, as all condoms are not made or created equally.

Final Verdict:

Okamoto 004 offered a smooth entry and enough lubrication to last the duration of our love making.  It was by far the closest latex condom we have found to wearing nothing at all, that we’ve tried thus far. I highly recommend trying the Okamoto 004 condom, if you’re looking for the highest quality latex condom to provide you and your partner with the most outstanding bareback sensation, to protect and enhance your pleasure.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

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