Condom Review: Kimono MAXX

Kimono MAXX Condoms are incredible, especially if you are looking for extra headroom and width, without compromising on thinness and durability.


KIMONO-MAXX-FBAfter taking this Japanese condom for a test drive, my partner noticed they were slightly longer than their condom cousin, Kimono MicroThin and found that he had extra room for his foreskin to move freely.  If your partner finds the MicroThin to be a tad snug but the length is perfect and he is uncut, I would definitely recommend trying the Kimono MAXX.  Kimono MAXX measure 8.12 inches in length (same as the MicroThin) and 2inches in width (wider than the MicroThin), to provide just enough extra width for ultimate comfort.

The Kimono MAXX was just lubricated enough to last the duration of our love-making session.  Had we gone any longer than 20 minutes, we may have needed some more lubricant. I highly suggest having one on hand (in close reach), as to not put a damper on your sexy time if you need a little extra lubrication in the heat of the moment.  Pjur has an  excellent line of lubes that come in many different formulas and sizes to fit you and your partner’s needs.

Final Verdict

The overall feeling of Kimono MAXX was just as outstanding as the MicroThin for me and it allowed my partner to feel less constricted especially with the extra length and added headroom.  For me it felt similar to another Japanese-made condom, the Okamoto 004 that we tried recently but not nearly as thin or quite as long, noted by my boyfriend. Kimono condoms offer a way less expensive alternative if you are on a tight budget looking for a thin and reliable condom to mimic a bareback feeling fairly well while keeping those more well endowed and uncut in mind with its design.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying

“I thought these were a fluke the first time I used them. So I had to try them again. These are the best condom I have used thus far. I tried them all hoping to get good sensation and a great fit. Crown, Magnums, Lifestyles, Durex extra sensitive, ONE brand, and even kimono extra thin. None stack up. I am above average in length and this fits great! Girth wise I’m a little above average and again, they fit great. To top it all off, I feel everything! These are the best.” James – Minneapolis

“Very happy to have found these condoms. I am a little longer in length. I like the extra head room at the top for a little movement.” James – Miami, FL

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