Lube Review: Swiss Navy All-Natural

M.D. Science Labs, Swiss Navy All-Natural Water Based lubricant is one of the best lubes I have tried thus far.


Being that I have a sensitivity to lubes that contain glycerin and paraben, I decided to give this premium lubricant a whirl. In addition to being free of glycerin and parabens, I was happy to find out it’s also sugar free.

After applying a rather generous quarter size amount, shared between myself and my partner, we discovered how superb its formula was in aiding with a silky smooth entry. Its ingredient carrageenan (a seaweed derivative) is said to mimic the feeling and long lasting effects of silicone based lubricants, and boy did it! It was incredibly smooth and did not feel sticky at all.

Even though both of us were still feeling the extraordinary effects of the first application, I applied a little bit more lube to myself (pea-sized amount) mid way through the act (about 20 minutes in). Usually that’s when I need a little extra moisture to stay comfortable while getting busy, as that’s the time when most of our condoms tend to dry up. It made for an incredible sexy session.

Swiss Navy All-Natural lubricant is outstanding to use especially if you are prone to developing yeast infections. If you have noticed a pattern of this health issue forming after using other lubes and condoms that are flavored and contain sugar or other ingredients that have sugar like properties, I highly suggest ditching those products and going with this one. Glycerin acts much like glucose (sugar), and can create a breeding ground for yeast. When found among the ingredients in lubes or other personal hygiene products, it can throw your pH off, hence creating yeast infections.


Final Verdict:

It was easy to use with its leak-proof pump dispenser and did not cause any allergic reaction for me and my partner. Its natural and exquisite ingredients combined with being water-based made our love-making session more enjoyable, comfortable, and long lasting. Although this lubricant may be somewhat pricey in comparison to other common brands that are more familiar to you from the aisles of your local drugstore, it is worth every penny. A little bit of Swiss Navy All-Natural, goes the extra mile. All in all you get what you pay for — a premium lubricant that you can use modestly, that will last longer in more ways than one, and over time won’t stretch your pockets out too thin.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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