Condom Depot’s Top 10 Halloween Condom Costumes

Halloween is only a few days away, and the pressure to be the best-dressed is seriously mounting. So, you want to impress all of your friends at this year’s big party huh? Then go with one of these Halloween Condom Costumes!


Without further adieu, here are some of the internet’s most creative (and seriously ridiculous) ways people have used condoms to celebrate Halloween.  Want something to wear when your halloween condom costume comes off? Condom Depot has you “covered,” with Halloween themed holiday condoms available for a short time.

10. Have no fear, Captain Condom is here!

9. The Classic Lubricated Trojan Condom.

8. The “Pinocchio”

7.  The old “Condom As A Hat” trick.

6. The Condom Dispenser.

5. The “Full Body” Condom

4. The “I Hate To Brag, But…” Condom

3. The Golden Magnum Condom Girl

2. The “Come Fly With Me” Condom Butterfly

1. The Condom Bride


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