Condom Review: Trustex Non-Lubricated

There are dozens of reasons someone might skip the standard lubricated condom and just go dry. For them, here’s what we think of Trustex Non-Lubricated condoms.


Trustex Non-Lubricated Condoms are like the friend that is good at everything. They’re great for people who are sensitive or allergic to the standard lubrications that come on most condoms, and even better for things you never even imagined a condom could be used for. Not to mention, they’re pretty inexpensive, yet super reliable and durable.

TRUSTEX-NONLUBRICATED-FBBecause Trustex Non-Lubricated Condoms do not come with lubrication on them already, this leaves room for you to choose your favorite lube. It’s sort of like a customizable condom! There are people who experience allergic reactions to typical lubrications that exist on condoms already, so trying gentle silicone or water-based lubricants in conjunction with the dry Trustex Non-Lubricated Condoms is a great idea if you’re looking for a lube that doesn’t irritate you or your partner.

There are even lubrications on the market that are “all natural” and void of any parabens or glycerin that can totally throw a woman’s pH out of whack. These condoms really leave room for you to experiment and find the perfect lubrication for you and your partner.

As far as metrics go, Trustex Non-Lubricated Condoms are 7.62” long and 2” in nominal width. They do have a reservoir tip for added comfort/room.

Here’s where it gets interesting: non-lubricated condoms like the Trustex brand can be used for more reasons than just a sexy romp in the sheets. Musicians use them to protect their microphone packs from any liquids, soldiers use them to keep dirt and other debris from the barrels of their guns, survivalists even use them to store water or start fires, and fishermen use them as fly fishing lures.

Final Verdict:

If you’re experiencing sensitivity or an uncomfortable reaction to latex condoms, try the Trustex Non-Lubricated Condom with an all natural lubricant before you go the more expensive non-latex route. But, if the problems persist, try a non-latex condom. You may be allergic to latex! Personally, my partner explained that the condom was a bit tight for him width-wise, but besides that slight discomfort, his experience was just as pleasurable as mine. We added the Pjur Original Lubrication to the outside and inside of the condom (yes, this is safe to do), and it remained lubricated throughout the entire experience.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

What Condom Depot Customers Are Saying:

“GREAT fit, and stays there! Put all the lube on the OUTSIDE you want. Pinch the end and roll it down on a “dry” penis, and it won’t slide off.” Bob – omaha

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