Lube Review: Wet Warming Gel

It’s time to heat up the night with our review the Wet Warming Gel lubricant.


Choosing a personal lubricant can be pretty daunting. There are so many different variations: flavored, numbing, ecstasy inducing…

The list goes on, and since my co-workers have been a solid job of covering other lubes, I decided to give Wet Warming Gel a try.

WET-WARMING-FBI didn’t know what to think of warming lubricants before this review. I always felt they were some extension of Icy Hot. Turns out I was (thankfully) wrong in that assumption.

So let’s cut to the chase, how does the heating effect feel? The answer is pretty good.  It’s the right amount of temperature that’s noticeable without getting too hot. The heating effect works best when applied to skin that hasn’t already been lubricated.  There wasn’t any noticeable difference when you reapply the lubricant, the heat effects stayed at an even kilter instead of getting more intense.

The lubricant is great for masturbation. The warming effect makes the experience seem a bit more sensual and feels very similar to the secretions a vagina makes during intercourse.  It was definitely better than the normal solo session. You can even apply a few drops in target erogenous zones to enhance your private time.

I wasn’t too keen on using this lubricant for sex. While it did provide adequate lubrication, the heating effect didn’t seem prevalent compared to the natural increase in body temperature when you are having intercourse.  Also the warming sensation is hit or miss with the ladies. My partner really had to be in the mood to use the warming lubricant and she noted that it was sometimes distracting.

Final Verdict:

Wet Warming Gel is a pretty interesting lubricant.  It does a fantastic job of elevating masturbation to a more sensual experience.  For regular intercourse I’d recommend consulting with your partner before using it since the warming sensation may be a cause for concern, or just not comfortable for them.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

What Condom Depot Customers Are Saying:

“My wife and I use this all the time for excellent foreplay that is both healthy and sensational. It feels so warm and coozy when my wife uses it on me, and she finds it very satisfying when I use it on her to reach her climax. I highly recommend this product.” Joe – Louisiana

“I think this lube is excellent and feels really good! It’s odorless and long lasting. It enhances the whole experience.” John – Seattle,WA

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