Condom Review: Trojan Magnum

This week Condom Depot reviews the infamous gold labeled Trojan Magnum. Does this condom live up to the hype? Find out in this review.


The Trojan Magnum is likely the most popular condom on the planet thanks to Trojan’s strong marketing influence and the iconic gold wrapper.  Magnums have become a status symbol in recent years used to humbly brag about how large your inseam might be and what you’ll be doing with that inseam measurement later in the night.

So what makes the Magnum so special?  At one time the very size of the Magnum, measuring at 8.12” long and 2.5”/2.12” wide (head/shaft), is was what made the condom special. However with the introduction of new brands, each condom manufacturer has designed their own line of big gun condoms. The truth is, the name “Trojan Magnum” is more significant than the condom itself.

Trojan Magnums are basic latex condoms designed with larger men in mind.  The condom comes coated in a water based lubricant…and that’s really it.  The best way to think of the Trojan Magnum condoms are the big brother versions of Trojan’s Enz condoms.


Final Thoughts:

Don’t get me wrong.  If you’ve been finding “regular” or “normal” condoms to be too tight or restricting, switching to a larger condom like the Trojan Magnum is going to dramatically increase your comfort and sensitivity.  Which is why you should always know what your condom size is. If you can fit them, Trojan Magnums won’t steer you wrong, but they don’t do anything “extra” either.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

What Condom Depot Customer’s Are Saying:

“This is by far the best condom I have used!!! After strugling with regular condoms, and having them not fit, sucked soo much, untill I tried the magnums, OMG!!! They feel soooo good on! I will never use anything other than these!” Richard – Ontario

“I tried this brand a few months ago and have been using it ever since. It’s just your basic condom except a little bigger. (I need the extra width as opposed to the length in order to maximize sexual pleasure) Supposedly Trojan makes reliable condoms, and I haven’t broken one yet.” Gabe – Seattle, Washington

“My boyfriend loves them. they fit fine in length, there a little tight but work much better than regular condoms. We’ve tried others, but these are the only ones we like and wont break.” Jenelle – Clearwater, Fl

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