Lube Review: Wet Synergy

Lubricant connoisseurs know that water based and silicone based lubes each have their  own unique advantages and disadvantages in the bedroom. But what if there was a lube out there that offered both?

CondomDepot-Review-HI-wetsynergyCue WET Synergy lubricant, a personal lubricant with a hybrid formula blending the best of water based and silicone based lubricants. This blend makes a lubricant that’s silky smooth and provides moisture for up to three times longer than other water-based formulas.

WET-SYNERGY-FBAs an added benefit, this lubricant washes off rather quickly under warm water compared to other water based lubes that seem to take a bit more effort to clean off. The lube itself is also a lot less runny or liquidy thanks the mixture of silicone into the water based lube.

Final Thoughts:

If you are only used to water based lubricants, the Wet Synergy lube might feel a bit thicker than normal.  With this extra thickness comes longer lasting moisture and more even lubrication applied to various body parts.

A word of warning.  This lube is BOTH water and silicone based.  This makes the lube perfectly safe to use naturally or with condoms.  However, DO NOT use this lubricant with silicone based toys or personal massagers.

For more information about personal lubricants. Make sure to read our buying guide.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

What Condom Depot Customer’s Are Saying:

“After my g/f went on birth control, she has had problems producing her own natural lube, so we have been trying out different lubes. This one is really great. Its thick like a gel, so it doesn’t run all over the place, but it is almost magic how it goes from a gel to a smooth liquid when it heats up. It also doesn’t irritate my g/f like other lubes do. WET makes great stuff, another product me and my baby love!!”  Jon – Deltona, FL

“This is the first lube I’ve ever tried, and it is fantastic! It is great for sex or when you’re by yourself. A little goes a long way this one, and CF has the best price for this product. My G/F also tells me sex is a lot better with this applied.” Anonymous – CAPE CORAL

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