Sexy Ways to Put on a Condom – Technique No. 2

One of the questions we get a lot at Condom Depot is, “What are some sexy ways to put on a condom?”  So here’s our 2nd technique to help you stay safe without putting a damper on the mood.



Seamless transitions between foreplay and putting on (and then using) a condom takes a little bit of planning.  So it’s always best to store condoms near “highly sexy” areas like near the bed, or in a medicine cabinet near a shower, or maybe inside a secret coffee table drawer if you’re feeling frisky.  The key is to reduce the amount of time it takes to put the condom on safely, while maintaining that sexual tension we all love so much.

How do you do this when condoms come individually packaged?  Simple. When you remove the condom from it’s package take a quick look at it.  If it sits upright like a hat like the above picture, then you are all set to roll down the shaft.

Technique No. 2 – Twin Peaks

This technique is inspired by my two most favorite mountains in all of creation, Cerro Las Tetas.  For those of you who failed spanish in high school, Cerro Las Tetas directly translates into “The Breast Hills.”  Star at the picture long enough and you’ll agree that those mountains are indeed a tribute to the finest thing in the land, breasts.  It’s easy to understand why neighboring towns feud over who own what breast.

To pull of “Twin Peaks” successfully you want to lie on your back with your lover kneeling over you, knees at either side of your waist.  Use both hands to hold the condom of your choice where the underside of your cleavage begins.  If you are thinking “Underboob” then you are in the right mindset.  If you need more specific directions, you want to get in between your breasts and where the support wire of a bra usually sits to give you ‘lift.’

Now that we got the location down, let’s talk about actually getting the condom on.  Much like our first condom technique, this is going to require some teamwork.  Get your lover to lean in, trusting himself into the condom.  You may need to apply gentle pressure with your fingers to secure to the condom and help it unroll down the length of his shaft.  Adding lubrication before this technique will help even more.

Condom Depot Tips:

  • This technique is perfect for couples who enjoy incorporating breast/nipple stimulation into their foreplay.

  • Squeeze your breasts together during this technique to drive him crazy.

  • This technique is made easier when you apply lubricant.


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