Next Generation Condom Winners Announced

Is it possible to make a condom that feels even better than going bare? The answer is yes, or at least the eleven Next Generation Condom winners around the globe think so.


The Next Generation Condom competition was announced by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation last March. The goal is to innovate safer and stronger condoms that will prevent the loss of sensation that makes a lot of men prefer not to wear them. The Foundation’s Hope is that this will make people around the globe more interested in having safe sex, preventing the spread of HIV/AIDs, other STIs, and unwanted pregnancies. A few months ago, we mentioned that these origami condoms were spotlighted by the Foundation in their search. This week, they ground an astounding 800 submitted ideas down to eleven.

Among the list of winners is a team of researchers from Boston University who came up with a design that pairs nano particles with hydrophilic material. This combination works by bonding a thin layer of water to the surface of the condom, making it more flexible which reduces the friction that can make current condoms sometimes tear.

A group from San Diego would really like you to wrap your meat in more meat. Their environmentally-friendly condom works by extracting collagen from cheap beef tendons left over from meat processing– cheap, green, and durable, although not exactly vegan-friendly.

Researcher Lakshminarayanan Ragupathy of India proposed making condoms from graphene, a recently discovered material that is super strong, incredibly thin, and conducts heat better than latex.

Anyone who’s tussled in the middle of the night with a metallic wrapper knows that often the time and goofiness of putting on a love glove can have a negative effect on the mood. Several winning ideas tackled how to make the process quicker and smoother. One $100,000 idea includes putting tabs on the sides of the condom in order to make it easier to slip on. Another revolves around a packet that breaks in half, allowing you to roll the condom on in seconds while using it using the wrapper to hold it steady.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the idea put forth by Benjamin Strutt of the United Kingdom. His Next Generation Condom is made of anisotropic materials, which means that it grows stronger when force is applied from a single certain direction. Basically, the hotter you get and the harder you go, the more the condom begins to tighten until it feels like it was made just for you.

After eighteen months of testing, each team will reveal their results and apply for a $1 million follow-up grant if their designs are proven successful and marketable. Who knows? We could soon be stocking some very interesting and innovative condoms here at Condom Depot.

Which ones would you like to try the most? What would make your condom experience better?



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