Q: Is Oral Sex Safe?

Q: Is oral sex safe?

A: While not having quite as many risks as anal sex, oral sex can still put you at risk for several different STDs (NSFW pictures at link). It’s always a good idea to use protection, even if you think you know your partner’s sexual health. Oral protection can come in two different forms.

For oral sex on someone with a penis, the condom is the obvious protection choice. If you go with non-lubricated, you can find flavored lube, which is almost always water-based (check the label!) and condom safe. Just be sure to change your condom and lube before making the switch from oral sex to vaginal sex if you’re using flavored lube. The sugars used in many flavorings can cause yeast infections.

As far as flavored condoms, the Trustex brand is among our most popular, but there are tons of different flavored brands out there. Some people don’t think flavored condoms have enough taste, so it may be a good idea to combine them with flavored lube for a stronger experience.

Another form of oral protection that some might not know about can be used on both the vagina and the anus– the dental dam. We recently wrote a How-To Guide for dental dams that you should totally check out.

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