Condom Depot Announces ‘Singles Week’ at the Condom Information Center

After New Years each year, it seems like you can’t go into a pharmacy or grocery store without seeing red and pink hearts. And quite frankly, for the single among us, it’s pretty gross.


Singles Week Articles

“Sure would be nice if someone was buying this for me,” you think, as you stock up on chocolate and those weird, chalky heart things no one really likes but you got them anyway because tradition or something. “I mean, why have a day to celebrate people who are already lucky enough to have someone? Why not celebrate, I don’t know, people like me?”

Well, don’t worry, singles. Condom Depot hasn’t forgotten about you. Beginning January 27th, we will be hosting Singles Week on Condom Depot’s Condom Information Center. Each article will be geared towards singles– not the usual articles about how to find a date for the big day, but tips on how you can truly enjoy yourself as a single person.

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Sure, National Singles week is on September 20-26, but what’s to stop us from doing it twice, right?  Make sure to follow Condom Depot on Twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss out on any of the Singles Week action.

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