Treat Your Adult Toy To A Romantic Evening |Singles Week at Condom Depot

Welcome to Condom Depot’s Singles Week 2014! As you know, just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t have sex, but did you also know that it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have romance?


Admit it. You saw him or her from across the store. The second you saw them, you knew they were the one. Maybe it’s because you knew they could get the job done. Maybe it was because you could tell what they were packing. Maybe it was because the clitoral stimulator looked like an adorable little elephant.

But now whenever you meet up, it’s just for a quickie and then they’re shamefully stuffed back into the underwear drawer or purse. No one wants that. Take some time this Valentine’s Day to romance your adult toy.


It doesn’t matter if you made the toy yourself. Share a nice meal by candlelight. Cook up something yourself or order take out from your favorite Chinese place. It doesn’t matter, so long as it’s served on fancy dishes and the lights are kept dim. Of course, you don’t have to set up a plate and serve your masturbator or vibrator. But it would be rude to not include them, wouldn’t it?


Take a nice hot bath. Of course, this should only be attempted if your toy is waterproof,  but a nice relaxing evening in the tub can be fun sans sex toy too. Sprinkle in some rose petals, buy some fancy bubbles (anyone can use them!) and sink into a hot tub full of joy. You can even use some toy cleaner to give your toy a nice bath. The hot water will increase blood flow to those areas of your body that sex toys do best in.

 And if the tub didn’t finish you off, pick up your artificial friend and carry them off to bed. Don’t be afraid to get wild and crazy, but also don’t be afraid to be slow and tender. Have some candles lit, a little Sarah Maclachlan playing on your iPod (but not that one song. You know the one I mean. It’s a boner killer). Anything to heighten the mood.


Ok, this is all starting to seem really silly. Why bother doing this? Because when you’re treating your sex toy to a nice evening, you’re really treating yourself. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to be quick and dirty with your actions of self love and it doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of a nice meal, bath, or some time alone. Take your time, be sensual, and show yourself that you care. You’ll appreciate it.

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