Top 10 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day| Singles Week Edition

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone, you’re actually partaking in a great V-Day tradition. You know, St. Valentine himself was single, too.


1. Take yourself out on a mini-date. Or your adult toy.

2. Throw a Singles Awareness bash. Invite your fellow singles over and watch non-romantic movies, like Alien, Brave, or The Avengers, or anti-romance movies like Fatal Attraction, The Break-Up, and War of the Roses. Or have a fake bachelor/bachelorette party at a bar far away from home and pretend like it’s your last night as a free man/woman. See how many free drinks you can get.

3. MASTURBATE. You know we’re fans of playing the self-organ. We haven’t been able to stop writing about it all week. Lovings yourself is the first step in healthy relationships.


4. Pamper yourself. Yes, I know we already listed masturbate above, but I mean like really pamper yourself. Go out to a spa. Drop the big bucks all in the name of your personal comfort. Get a mani/pedi. It doesn’t matter what gender you are, your hands/feet will feel AMAZING.

5. Go to da club. This Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, so you know there’s going to be a lot of folks at the club looking to either dance off some romantic tension or get lucky. Either way, you could end up meeting the him/her of your dreams.

6. Chat up some fellow singles on your favorite hookup app. Tinder and Grindr are some of the more popular ones out there right now, although always remember to be safe with people you don’t know and use a condom.


7. Volunteer. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. Spend some time with others who could really appreciate your presence– like your local homeless shelter, an adult care center, hospital, or animal shelter. Remember, sexy love isn’t the only kind of love in the world.

8. Go on a date with your best friend. If they’re single too, why not hit the town and show them a good time? You can even buy them chocolate and flowers and a little card saying, “I love you for being my best friend.”


9. Visit your parents. I’d recommend walking into their house stark naked and shouting, “HEY, NEED A PHYSICAL REMINDER OF YOUR ROMANCE?!” although maybe that’s not for everyone.

10. Don’t compare yourself to others. It’s very easy to feel bad about yourself for being single on Valentine’s Day, but just remember that not all people who are in relationships are happy or fulfilled. You don’t need another person to make you feel fulfilled. They should be supplemental to your happiness– an added bonus, not a necessary item. Focus on yourself and the other people who you love instead of wallowing in self-doubt and misery.

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