How To Buy an Adult Toy For Your Special Someone

This Valentine’s Day, you probably want to do something special for your significant other. If you’ve never bought them an adult toy, it’s definitely the way to go. But how do you know what to get them?


While sex toys can be very personal items, some people still feel very uncomfortable buying them for themselves.

But they can also be a great aid in your relationship. So, if you’re tired of the the regular old chocolate-and-teddy-bear gifts, this year, find something you and your partner can enjoy together.

1. Talk about it beforehand.

It might ruin the surprise, but it’ll give you an idea of what your partner wants and would have fun using. You can even take them to a sex store or browse online together and see if there’s anything that peaks their interest. If you think they might normally be embarrassed, bring it up while you’re being intimate. It might make it easier to talk about.

2. Pay attention to what they like in bed and go from there.

Does she really like it when you play with her clitoris? Maybe it’d be a good idea to find her a clitoral vibrator that you can use while stimulating her in other ways. If you know your partner tends to run a little tight, avoid getting them something really big. If she’s new to adult toys or a little more conservative, don’t install a sex swing in your bedroom while she’s at work. A small traditional vibrator might be a better option. Remember, vanilla ain’t just for Trustex Vanilla-Flavored Lube foils.

3. Figure out your budget.

More expensive toys tend to last longer, be a lot quieter, and function better overall.

4. Decide on a material.

It’s very important to know what your significant other is comfortable with. Silicone-based toys seem to be the way to go for beginners– they’re soft, comfortable and they hold up well over time. But if your partner likes heat play, why not try a glass or metal toy?

5. Read online reviews so you know what you’re getting into.

At Condom Depot, we post our customer reviews unfiltered, straight on the product’s page,  so you know exactly what to expect. Remember, adult toys are different for everyone. What could be very pleasurable for one person could be painful or boring for another, so check out as many reviews as possible before deciding if this toy is the right one to buy for your partner.

6. Come prepared (pun intended)

Decide which supplementals you’re going to need to keep the toy functioning and have them prepared for the big day. For vibrators, batteries are a known must but some toys also require condoms, extra lube or even toy cleaner.

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