Boston Public Schools Recall Risqué Condoms

 Many school districts around the country offer free condoms to their kiddos in an initiative to support safe sex and Boston Public School District is one of those districts.


Following a policy first proposed last June, this new policy replaces a much older one that limited the availability of condoms to high school students. And surprisingly, most parents are pretty happy about it.

In conjunction with their new plan, BPS received a very generous donation by the Massachusetts Department of Health– 40,000 condoms. The condoms are from the company ONE, well known for their creative designs and their appeal to the younger, more urban crowd. They even encourage consumers to design their next label using creative puns on the company’s name.

But this is where things turned sour for the kids in Boston Public Schools. While many parents are in support of this new law that allows the schools to distribute the condoms, they do not like the five labels offered on the 40,000 donated condoms.

Many parents took to social media to complain that the label designs were too bawdy, or even misogynistic.


We’re on-board with kicking out the misogynistic labels. They’re a pretty lame thing to offer to anyone, including high school kids. But it seems a little absurd that so many condoms should go to waste over something as silly as a bad design choice. Censoring something like this is childish. There is nothing censored about the act that these condoms were made for. Shielding these kids from a cartoon could potentially make it more difficult for them to realize the level of maturity and responsibility that has to be involved in healthy sexual relationships.

Still, the health department has responded by donating more condoms– ones without any of the ONE labels. We hope that the recalled condoms will still be put to use– perhaps by being offered at health clinics across the city. Boston is a pretty green city, so we’re sure they won’t let them go to waste.

Take a look at these designs, and then let us know if you think they’re too risqué by hitting us up on Facebook or Twitter!

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