5 Ways to Verify Age During Spring Break

Here is something very important to consider while on your hunt for hotties this month- some high schoolers and college students have overlapping spring breaks this year.


Red flag! Here’s how to prevent an overlapping underager from grindin’ up on your lap during your no-school-for-a-week-festivities.

Let’s face it. Physically, a 17-year-old guy or girl isn’t going to look much different than a 19 year old one. This is why a thorough verification of age is absolutely essential. Consent is no joke and is taken very seriously for a reason. Minors are legally unable to give consent in a lot of geographical areas, so help everybody out by being informed and being as cautious as possible (and I’m not just referring to using the correct condom size).

1. Figure Out Which School They Attend.


If they’re proudly wearing their Class of 2015 high school t-shirt, for both of your sakes, steer clear. Same thing applies to anyone wearing a high school jersey, ring or varsity jacket. Just don’t go there. Not that an item of clothing is a guarantee, but it can be an indication. Be sure to verbally verify which school they go to by asking them a question like, “What dorm do you live in?” Remember, you don’t want a minor, you want someone who has a Minor… preferably in Anatomy.

2. Are They Tagging Along with an Older Relative?


Do they resemble lost puppies or are they following their older sibling or cousin around like a row of ducklings in bathing suits? Not a good sign, especially if their older relative seems to be around your age. The last thing you need is a gaggle of too young admirers. Just listen for the giggling, and you’ll spot you I’m talking about.

3. Did They Ask a Friend to Buy Their Scratch Off Ticket or Smokes?


This is a clear indication of which age bracket they are in. If you see this action going down, you can be sure the person you were admiring is under 18. Don’t even think about gambling with your future by dating someone who can’t even gamble yet. And, if that smokin’ hot babe can’t even smoke yet? There’s gonna be a whole lot of trouble in paradise if you don’t walk away now.

4. Straight Up Ask Them.


This is not a foolproof plan, as they obviously can lie about their age. Did they look away or touch their face while replying? This can indicate lying. If you’re skeptical, casually make a pop culture reference to something a little before their time and see what happens. Just make sure it hasn’t been remade or rerecorded by another more current artist since then. For instance, start singing the ‘Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm’ song by Crash Test Dummies and see if they chime in. Or, bring up the movie Waterworld. Do they have any clue what you’re talking about?

5. Sneak a Peek at that License (the Real One).


Fake IDs are rampant, so watch out for offset printing, the card being too thick or too thin or anyone who has 2 licenses on their person for some reason. As someone who has worked in nightclubs, I ran into these fakes on a nightly basis, so they are more common than you may think. If it checks out and they turn out to be of age, you can let out a sigh of relief and be glad you packed the appropriate accoutrements in your suitcase. Read more about why you should travel with your own condoms if all this is going down out of town.

All Clear?

Otherwise, it’s business as usual, in your hometown- where there is absolutely no excuse not to have condoms on hand. To make things seem more island-y when you’re stuck at home with your newly found adult aged friend, try heating things up a bit with a warming condom like the new Trojan Her Pleasure Warming condom. Or, if you’re feeling like George Michael Bluth, stuck working at the Bluth family banana stand while school is out this spring, why not take a break and make you or your partners banana’s stand with Trustex Banana Flavored condoms and Lixx banana flavored dental dams?

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