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Spring Break Articles:

5 Ways to Verify Age During Spring Break

Let’s face it. Physically, a 17-year-old guy or girl isn’t going to look much different than a 19 year old one. This is why a thorough verification of age is absolutely essential. Consent is no joke and is taken very seriously for a reason. Minors are legally unable to give consent in a lot of geographical areas, so help everybody out by being informed and being as cautious as possible. [Read More]

How-To Have Drunk (And Safe) Sex

The belief is that these young women know that they will be making mistakes while they are drunk and have accepted the fact, so they feel less shame about taking the proper measures for their health. Hey, if that’s what it takes. [Read More]

How-To Have Safer Sex While Underwater

Whether it be in a tub, a pool, the ocean, a lake, a river, etc. underwater sex can be performed in a safe way, which won’t leave you feeling any remorse during summer semester. Keep reading to learn all about the different lubricants, condoms and toys which you can employ over this Spring Break to make you both go, “H2O-O-O-O!” [Read More]

Travel Condoms- Preparing for International Visits

While taking a tropical trip out of the country can be an absolute blast, bear in mind that making specific purchases in a foreign land can be somewhat tricky. This requires a little forethought on your part during the preparation for your travels. Sure, you may remember to pack your bikini, board shorts, sunblock and flip flops, but did you also remember to procure and pack your own condoms? [Read More]

If Festivals Were a Condom…

Yes, I admit, this idea arose during a lunch meeting when the members of the creative team at Condom Depot and I were downing some tasty craft brews. This much is true. At this time we decided, based on our collective love of music and obvious abundance of condom knowledge, that the spring and summer festivals of 2014 should each be assigned appropriate condoms. [Read More]

How-To: Sex up Spring Break on a Budget

If you plan on getting laid during a Spring Break vacation (or even if you’re just optimistic about your prospects), safety is still a priority. But on a shoestring budget, it can sometimes be easy to nix on the safety in favor of the pleasure. So, we here at the Condom Depot Learning Center have compiled some tips to make sure you and your partner are being safe, even if you’re on the cheap. [Read More]

Getting Busy When The Kids Are Home

It’s Spring Break, and for those of you who aren’t celebrating on the sandy shores yourself, chances are, you may be hampered by someone else’s spring break. That’s right– your kids are home, they’re driving you crazy, and most unfortunately, they’re stopping you from getting some sweet, sweet action. Instead of knocking them out with Benadryl in their chicken nuggets (thanks Mom), keep these simple tips in mind to keep the flame alive, even when the kids are around. [Read More]

Staying Safe While Wearing Less

When your minuscule Spring Break clothes are leaving little to the imagination, it can be a little more difficult than usual to find a safe and concealed place to keep your condoms.But, in an effort to stay safe while wearing less this weekend, I tackled this condom storage challenge head on. After some brainstorming and some various bikini-clad beach testing, I came up with some viable options for carrying condoms during warm weather romps. [Read More]

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