Condom Review: Trojan Double Ecstasy

At first glance, the Trojan Double Ecstasy looks more like a balloon than a condom. But, fear not, for this is no novelty item. This is a prime example of a new product design from Trojan brand condoms.


It’s a part of the cutting-edge class of light bulb shaped, “comfort fit,” condoms they’re manufacturing now. I like this shape because it offers a durable, comfy and free feeling due to the lack of constraints around the sensitive head area.

The length of this condom is 7.875 inches. At its widest point, which is around the head, the Double Ecstasy is 2.75” wide, but it gradually tapers down to 2.125 inches at the base for safety. With a larger base size, at a circumference of 4.24,” it’ll still be extra important to hold the base of this condom while withdrawing from your partner after ejaculation, unless you’re really girthy.

The Double Ecstasy condom is made from latex, has a natural latex color and it does not have a reservoir tip. You’ll need to pinch the head of the condom when you put it on to keep any air out. This prevents a bubble from forming which can compromising the integrity of your condom. Basically, you should put it on just like you would with a regular condom that has a reservoir tip.


There’s a total of 15 ribs on this condom. Six are located near the base and nine are around the head. Honestly, they are tiny and are barely perceptible, even visually. So much for being “doubly ecstatic.” Then again, they certainly didn’t detract from the experience either. Nonetheless, I would have preferred studs, or a combination of studs and ribs, if I’d had a say in the design.

The lubricant on this condom is very smooth and silky. It felt like Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil, before sand gets stuck to it. Of course, the lube is not oil, because that ruins and breaks condoms, but it makes my skin feel as velvety as oil does. This lube is super long lasting, but it’s not extremely plentiful. If this is an extended session, you may need a few drops more during the plateau phase.

Ok, let’s get down to brass tacks here. I have to complain about the overpowering odor of this condom for a minute. It’s horrible. Since taking it out of the wrapper, I have washed my hands twice and yet, ugh! The acrid rubber smell has somehow soaked into my skin. Not attractive. I refused to taste it, fearing that I would be tasting it all day. But, if you’re not super picky about smell, you may not be so offended by this aroma as I am.

Final Verdict:

I dig the innovative shape, the high quality lube and I find the lack of reservoir tip to be very comfortable. Although, the nearly nonexistent ribs and the foul and penetrating odor didn’t exactly win me over.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

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