Getting Busy When The Kids Are Home

It’s Spring Break, and for those of you who aren’t celebrating on the sandy shores yourself, chances are, you may be hampered by someone else’s spring break.


That’s right– your kids are home, they’re driving you crazy, and most unfortunately, they’re stopping you from getting some sweet, sweet action. Instead of knocking them out with Benadryl in their chicken nuggets (thanks Mom), keep these simple tips in mind to keep the flame alive, even when the kids are around.



When you can’t run through the hall butt-naked anymore, shower sex is always a great option. It’s a private space where it’s perfectly acceptable to be naked– so even if a wandering child does walk in on you, you always have the excuse of, “Mommy dropped the shampoo bottle.” There’s no better way to save water!

There are even plenty of waterproof toys out there to enhance your fun– one of our favorites is the Mega Mite. Silicone-based lube is also hydrophobic, meaning it won’t wash away in the water as easily, so if you’re looking for the perfect lube for your undersea adventures, make sure it’s got silicone. My favorite is WET Naturals Silky Supreme— just make sure you don’t slip and slide in the tub!

Late Night Nookie


Waiting until the kids go to sleep seems like it’s the obvious option, but the big problem here is that by the time you’ve put the kids to bed after a long evening of looking after them, following a long day at work, sexy times may be the last thing on your mind.

Arrange a date night where you don’t compromise on intimacy. It can be once a week, but it’s gotta be romantic. Lingerie and toys always help pick up a mood. Sending dirty texts throughout the day in preparation can also help keep the excitement going. Just because you have children or have been together for awhile doesn’t mean the romance has to be saved for the weekends.

Babysitter’s Club


When I was in high school, there was a family I used to babysit for. Sometimes, they would even invite me over when both parents were home, just to give themselves some time away from the kids. They had a big house, so I didn’t really think much about those hours when their daughters and I would spend hours in the basement and not hear a peep out of them, only to have them apologize later for, as they claimed, “falling asleep.”

Whether you need a babysitter at your house to get some alone time, or you drop them off at the grandparents for an evening, sometimes it’s just good to have some time away from your children to focus on yourselves and your relationship for a little while.



Once your kids know what sex is, undoubtably their first thought is going to be, “Wait… so, do you guys have sex?” It’s important to be honest and open with them, lest they develop unrealistic expectations or even shame about the topic. Sex is a perfectly natural part of relationships, and sooner or later, you’re going to have to talk to your kids about it.

When your children are young, you can always pop in the latest Pixar movie and tell them something like, “We’re taking a nap/having private time/watching a grown-up movie.” Chances are, they won’t ask questions. But once they’re older and figure out the code, there’s no reason to be ashamed of having your own time together. So long as they don’t have to see or hear it, your kids probably won’t want anything to do with your intimate time and will stay far away. Remember, even if your kids are aware (and super grossed out) about you having sex with your spouse, it’s far healthier than them dealing with parents who have an unhealthy romance.

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