Condom Review: Caution Wear Black Ice

Since trying my first Caution Wear condom, I’ve been hooked on the intensely pleasurable and natural feeling sensations that they provide, and using their Black Ice condoms was extremely enjoyable!


The high quality, durable and thin latex used in this condom is as smooth as silk and allows for a lot of heat transfer, which gives an exciting and alluring bareback impression for both partners.

When it comes to my previous positive experiences with this brand, I have raved on and on about the glorious silicone-based lubricant in Caution Wear condoms. I simply can’t help but brag about this lubricant’s supremely long lasting goodness. The Black Ice has this same highly sought after and, if may I say so, somewhat addictive silicone-based lubricant.

And it’s not just me. Other staff members agree that this lube blows all other condom lubricants straight out of the water. It seems as though they used a premium brand of lubricant for their special slippery formula, like WET Platinum, but we may never know what their secret, special formula is. It’s probably stowed away in a waterproof vault buried beneath a palm tree on a deserted island in the Bermuda Triangle. What I do know is, this lube makes the Black Ice very easy to get on, and greatly assists in getting off.

When it comes to size, the Black Ice is an impressive 8.12” x 1.94.” This is the exact same length as more expensive condoms like the Trojan Magnum and the Durex Performax Intense, yet the girth size of the Black Ice is smaller than these other condoms’ diameter measurements, which are both 2.12.” Therefore, the Black Ice is a great and affordable alternative for men you enjoy the comfort and security of the Magnum’s length, but don’t really need the width.

Despite the name, the Black Ice is a naturally colored latex condom, which is not to be mistaken for the LifeStyles Black Label. They also do not contain any menthol ingredients as the name may suggest (as in, “Man, this condom feels like a snow flurry is a-brewin’ in my genital region”). In fact, the Black Ice has no texture, flavor or extreme contouring, and upon first glance, it appears to be just a typical condom. But, how it feels is anything but typical.


Final Verdict:

A fantastic and economical choice for those who need a longer, narrower condom with a lube that just won’t quit. It’s high quality materials and durability makes the Caution Wear Black Ice qualify as a new staple in my nightstand drawer.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

“Became a big fan of this. Lubricated and feels real good. Easy to roll on as well! A+” Charlie Hustle – Middletown, NY

“I love these. You can feel the heat of your partner because of how thin the are. Awesome. Everyone should try these.” Jamie – San Jose, CA

“We had fun with these, being a rather low key brand I had a hard time getting over the expectation of it breaking. It never did! Felt very smooth and very thin, easy to put on. He enjoyed it as much as I did. This and Kimono MicroThin are probably my favorites.” S – Minnesota



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