Lube Review: Pjur BackDoor Anal Glide and Comfort Spray

Does the idea of anal play make you all clenched up? It’s okay. Breathe in. Breathe out. We have finally found reliable, condom-safe, and affordable solutions for this problem–Pjur BackDoor Relaxing Anal Glide and Comfort Spray. So, loosen yourself up, and read on.


For those of you who desire a more comfortable, safer and lubricated anal sex experience, without being completely numbed by lidocaine or benzocaine, Pjur has come up with a 2 part solution for you and your partner. This is really innovative and exciting because other anal lubrication products before this one like AnalEse and China Anal Balm do numb the area, which lessens the pain (yeah), but also the pleasure (boo).

Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide and Pjur Anal Comfort Spray are both condom safe products which can be used either separately or together for a much more enjoyable anal adventure. So, go ahead and use your favorite condom, like the Crown Skinless Skin, in conjunction with these Back Door lubricants. And, since it’s likely you won’t be able to get enough, let me go ahead and answer your follow up question right now- yes, they’ve both been dermatologist tested and approved for daily use.

Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide:


Chillax, unwind and take the edge off. This 3.4 oz black bottle of Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide is chock full of sensuous lube. Be forewarned though, because it has a salad-dressing-like cap, which makes it only comes out one drop at a time. Based on this less-than-eruptive flow of lube from the bottle, I would strongly suggest using a lube shooter to get this magical silicone-based lubricant to where it needs to go, as opposed to just applying this decadent lube only to the outer edges of the sphincter area.  The exquisite jojoba extracts left my skin feeling ridiculously smooth after an easier than expected clean up.

Pjur Backdoor Anal Comfort Spray:



Since the Pjur Backdoor Anal Comfort Spray took around 15 dry sprays or priming pumps before it began coming out, you may want to take it out of the box and prime it before the mood strikes. They recommend between 2-4 sprays, but I think 2 is plenty. This Back Door spray smells exactly like Binaca breath spray, due to the peppermint oil ingredient. So much so that there is actually a warning diagram on the 0.68 oz Binaca-shaped bottle to not to use it as breath spray. Overall, it smelled great and had a noticeable aloe-based analgesic effect.

Using Pjur Backdoor Glide and Spray Together:


If you or your partner packs a powerful punch that makes you want to pucker up in pain, you’re both about to get a whole lot luckier. When used together, they did not reduce anal sensations, they only made them more relaxing and comfortable, precisely the same words Pjur uses in their product names. Talk about reliability in advertising! I like that, because it helps me trust the company, and trust what is going into my body. Use the lube shooter filled with Pjur Relaxing Anal Glide and then use the Comfort Spray on the external areas of the anus a few times. You and your partner will take care of the rest.

Final Verdict:

I can’t knock these products on their own, but togetherness is truly where it’s at. Whether you’ve always loved anal, or you’re a total newb, you’re in for a treat with the soothing and assuaging assistance from these two premium anal assistants. Dream team!

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

5 Stars “I used to not enjoy anal sex at all, but I recommended this product. It is wonderful! It worked fast and anal sex was actually enjoyable. I am a straight female, but bought this one due to the higher concentration of ingredients. ” Sarah – Seattle, WA

5 Stars “Amazing! Tried many desensitizes that would make me numb when applied but did not help with clenching and discomfort during penetration. If you have this, you need nothing else. Pjur Backdoor Glide really takes the edge off and feels so good you are ready for a sex marathon!” Shannon – Wilmington, DE

5 Stars “My man and I both are greatly blessed around 9 inches, and with the Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide we can both take our turns and not be in pain as we are with any other product. Thanks Anal Glide!!” Jack – LA, California

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