Why Use Non-Lubricated Condoms?

Chances are, even if you have been a long-time condom user, you may not know a whole lot about non-lubricated condoms.


Why would someone prefer them to traditional lubricated condoms? And, why would you enjoy them more than a lubricated condom, or find them handy to have around?

There are four main types of people who prefer to use non-lubricated condoms, such as the LifeStyles Non-Lubricated or the Trustex Non-Lubricated. These people are: lubricant connoisseurs, oral performers, women with lube allergies, and people who use them for alternative purposes.

Choose Your Own Lubricant with Non-Lubricated Condoms

Have you ever wanted to make a custom condom or design one that is specifically meant for you and your partner’s preferences?

Discerning lube users know just how much difference a high or low quality lubricant can make while having intercourse. They know that lube can literally make or break the experience (since inadequate lube is one of the top reasons why condoms break).

When you have the power to choose your own lube, you can go water-based, like the WET Light, silicone-based like the Pjur Eros Light, all-natural like the LifeStyles Natural, waterproof lube like the ID Millennium, flavored like the WET Fun Flavors, warming like WET Warming Lube, analgesic like the Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide or you can even become a mad scientist of sorts and create a concoction of 2 lubes or more for a hybrid blend of your all time favorites.

Using a non-lubricated condoms lets a lube connoisseur take a bigger part in controlling their own safer sex experience, without relying on mass produced items and other consumers’ lube preferences.

Non-Lubricated Condoms Are Great for Oral Sex

If you and your partner love the idea of oral sex, but hate getting lube in your mouth– non-lubricated condoms, like the Trojan Non-lubricated ENZ, are the perfect solution to your dilemma. In fact, they even come in enticing colors and flavors.


Trustex Non-Lubricated Flavors and Colors are a fun and lube-less way to renew the excitement of oral, all while staying safer and not having to taste or smell an unpleasant lubricant during oral or during post oral kissing.

Lube Allergies? Non-Lubricated Condoms Are For You!

Women have a very delicate pH balance in their vaginas. Lubricated condoms can contain ingredients such as parabens and glycerins. These can throw off the balance and cause a slew of less than desirable side effects, such as a yeast infection, in women who are especially adverse to or allergic to these lubricant ingredients.


Sadly, most condom companies do not even disclose what type of lube they use in their condoms, or their boxes or on their websites, much less offer a list of actual ingredients used in the manufacturing of their lube.

However, sold separately lubes, like the Swiss Navy All-Natural Water-based lubricant, list their ingredients right on their bottle. We also list them in the product description. Here are the ingredients for the aforementioned lube:

Deionized Water, Propanediol, Xylitol, Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate and Carrageenan.

When you buy lube separately, you know exactly what you are putting into your body, with no hidden surprises or dire consequences from a lube allergy aftermath.

Alternative Uses for Non-Lubricated Condoms

Non-lubricated condoms are used by soldiers in the field, who need to keep sand out of their M-16s, by musicians and actors to keep their microphone battery packs from shorting out from sweat, by survivalists for starting fires and as a makeshift canteen which can hold up to 1 liter of water, and by fisherman as on-the-fly fly fishing lures.

Non-lubricated condoms are also used in fashion design, as water balloons, for making slingshots, as rubber bands and as potentially lifesaving tourniquets.

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  1. This is actually the boat I’m in. I’m allergic to water based lubes, so I use silicone only. I’m trying to avoid lubed condoms because I don’t want to run the risk of irritation at the worst moment possible.

  2. Non-lubricated condoms are a great option! But, you can also check out another Condom Buying Guide from the Condom Depot Learning Center called, “Our Top Ten Silicone-Lubricated Condoms,” to find out which lubricated condoms are coated with hypoallergenic lube (100% silicone).


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