Lube Review: WET Wow

This clitoral arousal gel from WET is sure packed a whole lot of WOW. But not all of it was the WOW you’re expecting.


I have pretty sensitive skin and have had reactions to lubes and gels before, so I decided to try WET’s Wow gel to on my inner arm first. It didn’t feel like, well, anything for a couple of minutes, and then it began to feel very sensitive. Not in a painful way, just like I could feel more. I amused myself by rubbing it against things, before we decided to go for it. My partner skillfully applied it to my clit and, well, it felt pretty good.

Was this a big mistake? Maybe? About five minutes later, I was sitting, disheveled, with a bag of frozen peas over my crotch. It wouldn’t stop burning! I double-checked the ingredients to make sure there was no capsaicin or nonoxynol-9 (spermicide) because I’ve had reactions to both of those before. In fact, you should read our consumer alert about Trojan’s Fire and Ice condoms, which has both. Nope. If it was a reaction to the glycerin, it would take a while and usually result in a yeast infection… so maybe it was the vanillyl buther ether or the peppermint extract. Which did, by the way, made it smell amazing.

But it didn’t really matter anyway. The burning pain passed in about five minutes. It was really bizarre, actually. In the space of about two seconds, it went from, “Holy hell, I need to see a doctor,” to, “Well. Actually, maybe not.” And then I started to feel good. Really good. My clit was extremely sensitive, but not in a painful way like I had been afraid of. Every time my partner touched it, it put me on the verge of orgasm. The addition of a bullet or mini-vibe, like the Pocket Rocket, would’ve undoubtedly lead me to straight up nirvana.

So, was this burning just a reaction to my sensitive skin? Maybe. The box did say that the first few minutes would involve a little more tingling, so maybe in my case, that tingling was just a little too strong. But the after-effect was amazing.

In the interest of science, my partner also tried it out. He did not get the burning sensation on his junk. In fact, at first, he didn’t really feel much of anything, not for a couple of minutes. Then, he started to feel that weird, extra sensitive feeling that I got when I put it on my arm, which resulted in what he claimed to be, “The best hand job of my life,” from yours truly.

So, we’ll probably keep this gel around for him. Would I use it again? I am still undecided on that. It was really, really uncomfortable for the first couple of minutes and I don’t struggle to have clitoral orgasms otherwise, so I don’t think I need it. A general survey of other reviewers online, none of them mentioned the pain, so I’m willing to concede that I was just a special, special snowflake in this case.


Final Verdict:

If you have problems having orgasms, particularly clitoral ones, and you don’t have sensitive skin, I’d strongly recommend WET’s Wow. The orgasm I ended up having was mind-shattering. Also, if you want to bring your hand-job game up a notch, people with penises and without sensitive skin will go nuts for it.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

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