Condom Review: Contempo Mega

I really enjoy trying condoms I’ve never heard of before, especially if they are specialty condoms. The possibility of discovering a new favorite condom is akin to the idea of stumbling upon a historically significant cave painting— it’s thrilling, exciting and promotes a sense of wonder and curiosity. And, I am very pleasantly surprised to say the Contempo Mega did not disappoint.


First of all, the latex on this sizable condom was incredibly soft and supple, and felt very close to the texture of human skin. This is a major plus, right off the bat. It could be the softest condom I’ve ever felt. It’s even softer than the famed softness of the Crown Skinless Skin. The material is also extremely see-through, and once again, I find this condom characteristic to be outstanding. So far, so good for the Contempo Mega.


There was a very slight, almost minuscule amount of latex odor coming from the condom at first, but it quickly dissipated, much to my relief. Taste-wise it was neutral and altogether not unpleasant. But, there was a bit of powder on the condom, which left a residue on my tongue. It felt like forgetting to close my mouth while using a compact– just a dry mist of dust– nothing major.

I was a big fan of the lubrication in the Mega, but as usual, it was not a sufficient amount for the ultimate wearing comfort and the safety of the condom. I paired it with a silicone-based lube called i-Lube and like a fine vintage wine and a handcrafted wedge of cheese, they went together perfectly.

Let’s talk measurements for a minute. The Contempo Mega is 7.875” long, 2” nominal width at the base and it seamlessly increases in size towards the head, ending at a sizable 2.5.” The headroom is definitely the most mega thing about this condom. This condom is well suited for a girthy gentleman who enjoys extra headroom, but it not extremely long in length.

The Mega does have a reservoir tip for added safety and security. Otherwise, there aren’t a ton of extra features or extraneous attributes to discuss. This condom reminds me of the Trojan Magnum, because it’s a really high-quality, larger-than-average condom, with a flared shape. But, let it be known that this condom is a tiny bit shorter and narrower than the Magnum. It is also more economical, smells better, feels softer and thinner, and is way more translucent than the Magnum.

Final Verdict:

A fantastic and fairly priced alternative to the Trojan Magnum, this condom is only very slightly smaller than a Magnum. It’s premium, skin-like latex is extraordinarily soft and see-through. The only downfall was the powdery surface, which was not conducive to oral.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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