10 Reasons To Wait to Have Kids

Making the conscious effort to wait until you can have children can not only benefit you in your own life, but it can make your future child’s life much brighter as well.


Not certain whether you are ready to procreate? Then remember to use a condoms, like the ones in the Ultimate Durex Condom Sampler, every single time! As they say, condoms cost a lot less than diapers.

Here are the top 10 reasons to wait to have kids:

10. Traveling

It’s not impossible to travel with kids, but it is a much different experience, complete with screaming on the plane, ear infections from cabin pressure and a possible lack of English speaking babysitters.


Backpacking through Europe will not be on your list of activities right after having offspring. Most likely your travel plans will consist of 3am runs to Walgreens for formula, visiting the pediatrician or going to your mom’s house for a free meal and some parenting advice.

9. Overcoming Past Traumas

No childhood is perfect, but if yours had some extreme circumstances that included trauma and/or abuse of some kind, taking some time to reflect and move on from these problems could help to prevent the cycle from continuing.


No one wants to fall into a negative pattern, especially while raising a child, but when times are tough, it can be easier to revert to your place of hurt. Overcoming traumas will keep your child free from these mental and/or physical problems from your past.

8. Housing Situation

If you currently live in student housing, a dorm or in a studio apartment, this is not an ideal or practical place to raise a child. Waiting to have children can give you time to upgrade to a larger condo or house that has room for a crib and enough space for a toddler to run around during playtime.

7. Financial Priorities

Consider the enormous cost, just of delivering a baby in the hospital– which is currently at a nationwide average of $18,329 for a vaginal delivery and $27,866 for a C-section. And, this is not to mention the cost of raising a child, or any additional health problems for mother or baby.


This is money that you may prefer to spend on tuition or paying off student loans, a down payment on a house or car, an expensive hobby, a wedding or some of these previously mentioned travel plans. None of things will be possible if you neglect to use protection and to use to properly.

So, the next time you think you can’t afford condoms, think about how much money they will save you in the long run. Instead of buying a concert ticket or 2 extra large supreme pizzas, get a condom sampler like the Condom Depot 100 Condom Sampler for $29.99 instead.

6. Emotional Maturity

The longer you wait to have kids, the more emotionally mature you will be. Part of maturity is knowing how to put others first and being able to better control your emotions. These are incredibly valuable traits to have when you are a parent.


If you have a hard time putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, being compassionate, patient and understanding, it’s likely that you haven’t reached an appropriate level of emotional maturity yet.

5. Time Management Skills

Teenagers and people in their early twenties are pretty notorious for getting a “last minute rush.” Procrastination is like masturbation. It feels good at first until you realize you’re only f*****g yourself. Having a set schedule and routine, before having children, in which you have time to work, play, relax, exercise and sleep can help you set a feeding schedule, diaper changing schedule, etc. when you have a child.

4. Education

Whether you are looking to finish your GED program, high school, college, technical school, apprenticeship, vocational school or graduate school– education is vital to your future. Having a child while in school is hard on the parent and on the child, particularly if they are a single parent.


Homework and classes are time consuming and require a lot of focus on details. Alone time can be a precious commodity when copious amounts of critical reading or calculous comes into play. It’s also hard to socialize with your peers or participate in extracurricular school activities when you have a baby at home, with a babysitter or in costly day care.

3. Career

Getting into your career field of choice isn’t always easy, and sometimes it even requires relocating to a whole new part of the country or the world. Having a smaller amount of responsibilities and obligations while job hunting is a positive thing and can benefit your future career. If your child has a fever or infection, it can cause absences from work and it can be worrisome and distracting throughout the day, even if you can make it into work.

2. Dating/Social Life

You now that epic date you went on recently? Yeah, imagine how it would’ve been if you’d been pushing a stroller the whole time. Is that gorgeous person on your online dating app wanting to meet up, but your infant has jaundice? Not quite the ballin’ vibe you’re trying to create for yourself.


The same thing goes for your buddies. Wanna watch the big game, get crunk at the club or go on a weekend canoe trip with your crew? Alas, even the healthiest and best behaved babies simply are not conducive to these types of important social interactions. Talk about FOMO (fear of missing out)!

1. Wisdom

Older parents have the potential to have more wisdom and perspective about life than younger parents do. This is because wisdom only comes with age. You can buy it, earn it or receive it as a gift. Wisdom is simply something that you have to acquire over time. The more wisdom you gain before deciding to have children, the more prepared you will be for the obstacles, events and issues that life hands you and your child.

Source: [CNN]

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