Lube Review: Probe Light

I’ll admit, I was kind of reluctant to try Probe Light. I’ve never had any experience with Probe lubricants and I’ll be honest, the label on the bottle looked like it was homemade at first.


Not that homemade lube is a bad thing, but it just didn’t looked very polished compared to some of my other favorite lube brands. This lube has no scent, in spite of saying that it has citrus extract. Which is a good thing for those of us who are scent-sitive.

Still, when all’s said and done, this was some pretty stellar lube. I’m a sensitive girl with some pretty sensitive skin, and this lube felt just like water to me, except that it stayed slippery for some time. Not as long as a silicone lube, of course, but for a water-based lube made of only four, all natural ingredients, it was pretty awesome. Comparable is Probe Thick and Rich, which our friends over at Spicy Gear reviewed.

For me, the fewer ingredients, the better. It doesn’t get much better than this in that sense. Because it doesn’t have any silicone, this lube will make a great toy lubricant. You don’t have to worry about it potentially melting any of your toys and it’s slippery enough that it could do both vaginal and anal pretty well, with few reapplications depending on how much you’re using.

One interesting side effect? Probe Light made my hands stupid soft after I was done. I might have to replace it as my moisturizer!

The only big problem that I had with this lube was that it got really stringy when I was trying to pour it out of the pop-top bottle. I don’t know if the pump bottle will react differently, but I poured a small amount on to my hands, and then proceeded to get more all over the place while trying to close it, which made being conservative with the original amount of lube I used pretty pointless.


Final Verdict:

While I am not a water-based lube fan, Probe Light may have won me over, despite its clingy, stringy nature.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

4 Stars “We like the flavor, very little chemical taste, for water based this is excellent.” Daniel – Lincoln, Nebraska

5 Stars “This stuff was the only thing that was light enough, slippery enough, and didn’t irritate my wife. The “light” was longer lasting and easier cleanup than their “heavy” version. Nice.” RICHARD DOWLING – L.A. CA

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