Scrogaurd: More Harm Than Good?

In both my personal and professional life, I am a huge supporter of safer sex– and in my quest for safer sex products and information, I recently stumbled across the Scrogaurd.


This product is so new, it is not even available for sale yet. However, I want to examine the pros and cons of this safer sex device before it hits the market in order to keep my like-minded safer sex consumers fully informed.

The Scrogaurd claims to offer extra protection against skin-to-skin viruses such as herpes (HSV), syphilis, crabs and genital warts (HPV) by wrapping around the waist, buttocks and scrotum area. In a sense, it resembles a disposable latex speedo with a hole cut out for a condom clad penis to fit through.

While this idea is admirable, this is where the product gets tricky, in my eyes. We all know the myth about doubling up on condoms for extra safety. Of course, this is false and the exact opposite is true. In fact, the only time in which using two condoms instead of one may be a good idea would be in event of condom pumping.

Considering that the Scrogaurd is made from latex, and most condoms are made from latex, this could quickly cause friction levels to rise beyond the normal level in which condoms are tested and designed to withstand. Ordinarily, using one appropriately sized condom with additional condom-safe lubrication will prohibit the condom from breaking.

So, what happens when a condom, like the Caution Wear Classic, is worn in addition to a Scrogaurd– as is suggested on their website? The Scrogaurd’s genital opening has a thick, rolled ring of latex, much like the ring at the base of a condom. The company says to put on the Scrogaurd first, then to put on the condom and to tuck the condom under this ring. This indicates that the two layers of latex would indeed be rubbing against one another and this simply is not safe.


I will say that the Scrogaurd would work fairly well as a hands free dental dam for anilingus, but I can’t help but feel like, minus the hole, this product would be better suited for cunnilingus than for vaginal or anal sex. I see no reason for them to only offer a guard with a hole in it. I can see a latex bikini brief with side snaps for easy on and off, that fits a variety of waist sizes, doing very well if it was made to be a user-friendly dental dam. It could even fill an untapped niche market.

I certainly wish I could give a Scrogaurd a trial run for myself, but since this is not the case, I must speculate from the information I can gather. As I aforementioned, I absolutely do stand behind the philosophy of this product. STDs are not going away, and having extra protection against them is ideal. But, I’m not convinced that a potentially broken condom is the way to go about keeping people safer during sex. Therefore, I feel the Scrogaurd would do more harm than good.

Source: [Scrogaurd]

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