Lube Review: ID Pleasure

ID Pleasure Lubricant is the only warming/cooling product from the ID brand. The bottle states that tingling sensations are to be expected during the use of this lube. Having had less than desirable effects from other warming/cooling products in the past (I’m talking you you, Trojan Fire & Ice), I was slightly hesitant to apply this lube to my somewhat sensitive skin.


Directly after cracking the seal open on the newly redesigned and updated bottle of the ID Pleasure Lubricant, I noticed an odor drifting up at me. It took me a few moments to identify the smell as being very close to a Vicks VapoRub scent, which is pleasant– yet slightly medicine-esque. Sexual healing, anyone?

Since it is National Masturbation Month, which I like to call MAYsturbation Month– since it’s in May– I used this lube on my own with a Vibratex Pixie. I usually prefer silicone-based lubes, but since they can’t be used with silicone-based toys, I seized the opportunity to try out a water-based lube with this toy.

I’ve gotta say, I love how easy it is to open and close this lube bottle. The new design makes one handed application a breeze and leaves little reason for the bottle to become sticky over time. Since sticky lube bottles tend to gross me out a bit (or be a bit of a turn off), this new cap feature is major plus for me.


Upon application, my initial reaction was that this was a nice, typical, nothing special kind of a water-based lube. As I was ho-humming along, I decided to start blowing a stream of air from my mouth onto the area of lubed up skin. And, this is when the boring, ordinary lube feeling ended.

My breath somehow activated the ginkgo biloba, red clover and menthol ingredients in the ID Pleasure. Without delay, the temperature of my skin felt like it was changing. The lube began to feel extremely cool and started tingling– just as the front of the bottle advertises. As someone who naturally runs hot, I found this to be very enjoyable and unusual.

At this point, I was beginning to feel as though this might be the best lube ever. And, then– things took a turn south towards hot-and-sticky-ville. As soon as the lube began to warm up, it simultaneously became exceedingly tacky and sticky. Confused as to why this was happening, I consulted the instructions on the bottle while thinking that perhaps I had applied it incorrectly.

There it was, printed right on the bottle: “Should lubrication decrease, add a few drops of water or reapply.” A ha! This indicated to me that this was a very common complaint for the ID Pleasure lube. I reapplied and moved on– but the stop and go maneuvering that this not-so-great lube duration required of me was pretty darn distracting.

Final Verdict:

The heating and warming aspects and innovative bottle design make this lube a winner, but the short-lived lifespan of its slickness gets a big thumbs down. I much prefer the silicone-based ID Millennium for my particular needs.

Overall Rating: 2 Stars

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

5 Stars “Great product not oily like other lubes, makes things feel even better and more sensual. The person that said it burned must have an allergy cuz it’s fine for me.” joe – Boston, ma

5 Stars “LOVE the tingle and it’s a great lube.” Julie – Denver

2 Stars “Feels good when the lube is under a month old. The chemicals must change over time…after two months the lube didn’t tingle and actually felt as if it was burning my skin.” K – Florida

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