Product Review: Durex Play Vibrations

My boyfriend and I are huge fans of vibrating rings and we’re even bigger fans of Durex’s products. So it seemed natural that we would love Durex Play Vibrations ring.


The Durex Play Vibrations ring is about as simple as it gets. There seems to be a gentle attempt as some stimulating nubs on the side of the vibrator, but they’re tiny and they don’t really do much, which is great if you’re not a nub fan. If you are, you won’t even miss ‘em.

The ring itself doesn’t look like it’s as stretchy as, say, a Vibrating Johnny. But it can actually put up with a bit of girth pretty well. We used it effectively as an erection ring and while he didn’t find it uncomfortable in the least bit, I loved what it did to his hardness and length.

The button to turn the vibrator on has to be pushed all the way down and held there. It took us a couple times to get it going, but if you’re pushing on it, just wait until you hear the click to know that you’ve got it. CondomDepot-durex-play-vibrationWhat’s nice about this button is that it’s big– too many vibrating rings have those teeny, tiny buttons that make you feel like you’re resetting your Tamagotchi with a safety pin. Not this one– it’s big, dark purple, and right on the front, so you can’t miss it.

The only thing that seemed missing from this package was the lube. Any time you use a ring of any sort– vibrating or not– you wanna amp up that lube application. Otherwise, it’s like putting a rubber band around your wang, and it’s gonna get caught in your pubes. Even if you think you’re clean shaven, I guarantee it will find a pube to yank out.

I wish companies making these rings would wise up and include lube samples with their rings to prevent that problem. Especially Durex– they just bought the KY brand and I could totally see some excellent cross marketing going on there. Even if they included something from their Durex Play Lubricant Variety pack, I’d be a happy girl. Luckily, my boyfriend and I had a dab of Liquid Silk and experience on hand to prevent such a disaster from occurring.

This box came with a free sample of one of my favorite Durex condoms, the Extra Sensitive. Combined with the extra hardness this ring gave him and the sheer thinness of the condom, we barely even noticed that he was wearing any latex at all. They make a great pair.


Final Verdict:

This no-frills ring has just about everything you could want in a vibrating ring with nothing unnecessary to get in the way. Just make sure you use lots of lube.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

What Our Customers Say:

3 Stars: Felt great except for when we were going at it hard. The vibrations tended to get lost then. Also, the battery part hurt me a little bit when I was on top and we were going at it hard. Not my favorite, but worth a try if you’re curious I suppose. Maria – Bridgeport, CT

5 Stars: This little thing is excellent. Made my girlfriend go crazy, and for me it made using the included condom not a problem at all! If your curious like i was, just try it! Matt – Chicago, Illinois

5 Stars: This thing was beyond amazing. My girl could not get enough of it. She liked it so much that we ended up using it over and over until the battery died.

If you want to treat your girlfriend to an experience she has never felt before throw this in every once in a while! Just don’t let her get used to it. Bert – San Bernardino, California


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