Lube Review: Liquid Silk

**Notice: this product is not currently available.**

I’ve been touting Liquid Silk left and right for ages, and the reality is, I love this stuff.


Liquid Silk is a hybrid lube, meaning that it’s part water-based and part silicone-based, much like WET’s Synergy. Unlike WET’s Synergy, we do not recommend that it be used with silicone-based toys, including CyberSkin. Some customers have reported that they haven’t had an issue with it damaging toys, but we have personally not yet done any tests to see if this is true and would rather you not ruin your toys by chance.

One of the best things about this lube is the taste. There is none. Unlike many silicone or even water-based lubes, this lube is completely tasteless and scentless, which makes it a great option for oral sex.

CondomDepot-liquid-silk-personal-lubricantSilk really is the best name for this because its softness is something to be lauded. This is one of the softest lubes I have ever had the good fortune of getting to review. If you have trouble with moisture and other lubes have left you feeling dry and tacky, Liquid Silk is the way to go. That tacky feeling isn’t even a problem since it leaves you feeling just as moist as your natural moisture.

And since there’s no oil in this lube, it’s perfectly safe for all condoms currently on the market. You know what that means– it’s a great lube for anal sex! Many water-based lubes aren’t up to the challenge. They get absorbed far too quickly. But the silicone component in Liquid Silk makes this ideal.

One thing to note: this lube does have parabens in it. You can read more about the potential dangers of parabens in our Learning Center article, Our Guide To Personal Lubricants. It’s important to note that the US, EU, and Canadian government regulations find parabens to be safe to use. The EU does have stricter restrictions on using them, so it may say something that this lube is manufactured in the UK. Still, if you don’t feel comfortable using them, try something a little more natural, like WET Naturals Silky Supreme.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict

As one of my favorite lubes, I’m hard-pressed to say I’m unbiased about Liquid Silk. But this hybrid has everything you could want in a lube, and it’s great for all forms of sex. The only thing keeping this from being five stars is the inclusion of parabens.

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