Condom Review: Trustex Extra Strength

You can feel the extra strength in these Trustex Extra Strength condoms just pulling them out of the wrapper– these suckers are heavy when you’re used to the Kimono MicroThins and Crown Skinless Skins of the world.


I was nervous that my partner would find them to be uncomfortable– we’re used to thinner condoms. More risk, more comfort, right? Well, wrong. Despite both extra-strength AND extra-thin condoms passing the same thorough approval tests for the FDA, the thickness of these condoms didn’t take away from the fact that they were extra safe.


The second thing that I noticed was the smell. I don’t like to say that I’m sensitive to latex smell, but these babies smell strong. Not the strongest I’ve ever smelled, and not enough to make using them during sex off-putting, but enough to make me not want to use them for oral sex.

Even with the thickness of this condom, it still stretches easily, making it accommodating to most sizes. My partner did, however, complain that the band at the hole of the condom didn’t feel as stretchy as the rest of the latex and that made it a little uncomfortable for his girth.

The lube on these condoms is great, but it wasn’t quite enough. It didn’t dry out, and it didn’t seem to absorb either, which is personally everything I look for in a lubricant. In fact, I was surprised to learn that it’s water-based, because it lasted for a while and it didn’t get that gross, tacky feeling that I normally associate with water-based lubes.

The lube also tastes like water, so if you can get over the classic latex scent and want to give a blow job to someone wearing one of these suckers, you don’t have anything to worry about (although I still might pair it with a flavored lube, like Swiss Navy’s Pina Colada, for some extra fun)!

Final Verdict:

I’m not a fan of extra strength condoms, but both my partner and I loved the extra level of safety that Trustex Extra Strength condoms provided– without sacrificing the comfort of our normal condom preferences.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars


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