Selecting Your First Sex Toy

With so many options out there, selecting your first sex toy can be a bit overwhelming.


There are just so many various features, materials and prices of products out there to choose from. That’s why we have compiled this simple and easy to use reference list of the best sex toys for your buck!

Vibrating Rings

These stretchy, battery powered vibrating rings are becoming more and more popular because they are a great way to turn your safer sex experience into one that is filled with positive sexual energy and good vibes. They can be used with or without condoms and with or without a partner (on a non-vibrating toy, for instance). Some, like the double-sided ring in the Trojan Midnight Collection are sold with condoms in the box, for added convenience and safety, while some are not– be sure to note this so you can purchase condoms separately, if need be.

You can purchase a reusable ring with a remote control, like the Matador Ring, which gives you a higher level of control of the vibrations speeds and intensity. Or, you can get a one-time-use disposable one with no remote, that just turns on and off, like the Trojan Intense Pleasure Vibrating Ring. Just remember, if you go with a multi-use jelly product, Keep It Clean before storing it for the next time. This cuts down on any bacteria, viruses or mold that may be harbored within the porous material.

Erection Rings

Unlike other toys, erection rings are intended for use with a partner or during male masturbation. They’re the non-vibrating counterpart to the vibrating ring. Erection rings are ideal for those who have trouble keeping condoms on and for those who want to have longer lasting and firmer erections. They are particularly helpful in assisting those who have a girthier, shorter penis because wider condoms like the Trojan Magnum Thin are made to be longer as well as wider. This means there will be a lot of unrolled material at the base of the penis. An erection ring is made to help keep the condom on in this scenario, which increases the safety for both partners.

Some erection rings are stretchy and porous, like the Super Stretch Erotic Silicone Rings while others like the Alchemy Metal Erection Rings are nonporous and provide no stretch.  For the best fit available, be sure to check out out Erection Ring Size Chart before purchasing a ring for you or your lover. Or, if you are feeling frisky and creative– why not try making your own DIY erection ring?

Read all about the history of erection rings at Spicy Gear’s Erection Rings: An Introduction.

Clitoral Vibrators

Another way to stimulate the clitoris, while still being able to have vaginal penetration is by using a clitoral vibrator. These toys are small, so it makes them extremely easy to tuck away discreetly for storage. Unlike vibrating rings, these toys are designed to be held in place with one hand.

Oftentimes, they are in the shape of a bullet, egg or small flashlight. Hands down, the best clitoral vibrator around is the Lelo Nea. It’s quiet, powerful, cordless and has a rechargeable battery and a carrying case for travel. If the price is too exorbitant for your budget, an economical option is the Trojan Vibrating Mini, which lasts around 1 hour and also comes with a latex condom! Score!

Traditional Vibrators

If you prefer to get your clitoral arousal from a hand or mouth, and not from a toy, a traditional vibrator will be right up your alley. For the best experience, I strongly suggest the Nubby Lover Vibrator, because it has 10 variations of vibrations.

Cant’ go wrong with a sampling of that magnitude! For a lower priced option, try the 6″ multi-speed Meteorite Vibrator which is highly textured, so you can feel every movement.

Check out the fascinating history of vibrators at Spicy Gear’s Vibrators: An Introduction.

Multi Area Stimulators

Why make one part feel good while ignoring another equally important parts, when you can easily stimulate multiple areas with just one toy? Like the ever popular Jack Rabbit style of vibrators, the waterproof Ultimate Orgasm Vibrator packs a serous punch with its 7 varieties of vibration patterns and rotating pearls. Ladies, there is no need to choose between a clitoral vibrator or a traditional one with this special product- because it has both areas covered.

If the price has got you down, prepare to rise up once again– with the inexpensive Black Velvet Vibrator, which is similarly shaped and also waterproof, for less than a third of the cost of other Rabbit style toys. Be sure to clean these toys thoroughly and air dry, because they are porous. We prefer Pjur Med Clean for keeping our jelly toys safer and cleaner.


Boasting the most earth shattering vibrations of them all are the batteries-just-won’t-cut-it-I-need-a-wall-socket class of massagers. The most famous of these is the Magic Wand, which feels amazing and has a ton of other attachments you can buy for it. Just plug it in and go to town.

Surprisingly, it also costs less than the other Magic Wand imitators like the Mystic Wand and the Berman Center Aphrodite. So, in this case, buy the original wand in order to feel great all while saving money. If you are shopping on a budget, you can score a LifeStyles a:muse Personal Massager for around half the price of the Magic Wand.

Anal Toys

As was aforementioned, lube is an essential element for sexy underwater activities, and this especially applies to anal play. Our staff simply loves Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide for its cushioning and lost lasting nature, even underwater, but if you are on a tight budget, try ID Millennium silicone-based lube which is less expensive, but still a high quality anal lube.

When using toys in the rectum, there is safety concern with them getting lost inside the anus. Sure, it seems funny now– but it won’t be if it happens to you or your partner. If this scares you, just get a toy with wider base, like the affordable Waterproof G with Fluttering Petals so that it doesn’t disappear into the anus, never to be found again, until a trip to the ER is arranged. For men who can hold on tight to a toy, and are looking for underwater prostate stimulation, try the reasonably priced Dr. Joel Kaplan Prostate Massager, which is sharply angled in the precise manner for proper G-Spot stimulation.

For more about anal toy safety, check out Spicy Gear’s Anal Toys: An Introduction.

Waterproof Toys

Unless a vibrating toy specifically says that it is waterproof, keep it out of the hot tub, bath or shower. Of course, non-vibrating toys made from glass or 100% silicone can be used underwater without a problem. But, since water is dehydrating, be sure to use lube for comfort and safety. In general, silicone-based lubes are waterproof because they repel water, but these can’t be used with silicone toys. Wet Ecstasy is our staff’s favorite lube for play in the water.

Bath time fun isn’t just for kids, because we have a lot of enticing and erotic options for getting aroused in a gravity-less wet wonderland. Make good use of your master suite bathtub with a purple vibrating bath sponge called the Pulsabath. Washing up has never been so sensual, and this love sponge is a great way to warm up! Or, for a real throw back, try the I Rub My Duckie Paris vibrating toy for a splash-tastic good time! For more direct stimulation, try the Berman Center Athena, which has a variety of interchangeable tips and costs less than 4 gallons of gas. Now, as for your water bill, after getting these waterproof toys… that’s another issue.

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