Product Review: Durex Love Box

**Notice: this product has been discontinued**

If you’re looking for something cute and stylish to carry your condoms in, you’re looking at the right product.


These simple little boxes may only come with three condoms, but they’re going to be in your purse or backpack for a long time to come.

The Love Box is roughly the width of an Altoid’s tin, but half the length and way cuter. According to Durex’s website, there are sixteen different options for all your discreet condom-carrying needs. Mine is a lovely shade of blue with detailing reminiscent of Van Gogh with just a smattering of Matisse.

In tiny, discreet letters on the front, it says, ‘Love Box Copenhagen,’ which makes me feel very European and fancy about my prophylactics. On the back in less discreet but still hard-to-see if you’re not looking for it, it says ‘Durex.’ It’s discreet enough that your friends will likely pass over it in your purse without a second thought, but not quite discreet enough that your nephew won’t immediately grab it and assume it’s candy.

It’s comes with three condoms. This one came with some of Durex’s most popular– Performax. The second variety that we carry comes with studded condoms. But even after enjoying them, I found the Love Box to be a handy tool. While I normally do keep condoms in there for loving on-the-go, it also makes for a great pill box. Also, in the interest of science, I was able to fit two more condoms into the Love Box before it had trouble closing, so if you think it’s going to be a five condom night, you’re in luck.

Included with the condoms is a handy little guide which includes directions on how to put the condoms on, how to stay safe (no oil on these condoms!) and otherwise. Keeping this in your case is a great way to make sure you know the ins-and-outs of safe sex.

I personally think these would be a great gift for friends, siblings, cousins, and even offspring. You want to know that they’re being safe, right? And you’d like to teach them how to do so, but sometimes, you may feel awkward just tossing them a normal box of Durex. So why not give them something cute and discreet? Slip it into their dorm accoutrements before they head off to their first year of school, or put it into a new purse or backpack you give them for their birthday. These are a great way to promote safe sex to the college-aged crowd without being heavy-handed.

Now, if only they made hormonal birth control in such adorable cases!

Final Verdict

This product is discreet, tiny, and efficient. It does its job, and it looks adorable while doing it. I just wish it could hold more!

Overall rating: 4 Stars

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