Product Review: Durex Ring of Bliss

When it comes to elegant design and superb functionality, the Durex Ring of Bliss is truly the Cadillac of vibrating rings. Even the packaging is sublime!


If you have tried other rings in the past, and they didn’t quite float your boat, it is time to give rings another chance– because this one far surpasses any other vibrating ring, both in quality and durability. Nothing about this ring feels cheap or chinsy. In fact, if the box didn’t specify it as a one-time-use toy, I never would have thought that was the case.

Granted, right out of the box, the Ring of Bliss did have quite a pungent smell. Therefore, I would recommend taking it out of the package for at least 5 minutes before using it, because the odor dissipated rather quickly, but until it did, it was unpleasant and not at all sexy.

Visually, I am a bit of a purple-aholic, so I was very pleased with the transparent purple color of this ring. After all, looks are important when it comes to sex. I want my toys to be as attractive as possible. The only other ring I have found to be pleasing to the eye is the ghetto goth Trojan Hot Spot. Imagine if a purple orchid and a human tongue morphed into a hybrid form, and was made into a jelly toy with art deco lines. That’s the Ring of Bliss for ya.

The extended length, far reaching flames were a major selling point for me, because I’ve never used a vibrating ring that actually reached my clitoris. Since anatomies are so varied, I may be in the minority with this– but if you have had trouble with rings hitting the good spot in the past, you should definitely check out the Ring of Bliss. This ain’t no piddly little ring, it’s got heft.

I’m also a huge fan of the on/off mechanism on this ring. Unlike the Vibrating Johnny which has a difficult to use exposed pointy, square button made from hard plastic on the side of it, the Durex Ring of Bliss has a soft oval push button on the top. You can press hard and lock it into the on mode, or press it occasionally for a little extra bzzz bzzz in your love life.

durexringofblisspromoI choose to use it sporadically, instead of throughout because the intensity of these vibrations was seriously fierce. And, indeed, they did conjure up a state of bliss. Fans of the famed Magic Wand or other such toys would love the Ring of Bliss for its raw power and extremely strong vibes. They were so strong, I became numb at one point. But, to be fair, I am not used to such mighty motors, and once I took a short break, I was back to being blissful in no time.

According to the Erection Ring Size Chart this ring has a fully stretched circumference size of 5.5″. This was a perfect match for my partner, who really enjoyed pairing it with Swiss Navy All-Natural water-based lube and a Trustex XL condom for extra comfort and safety.

Final Verdict:

I am over-the-top impressed with the appearance, functionality and feel of the Durex Ring of Bliss. Frankly, I’m blissfully hooked, and when you try it, I’m confident you will be too!

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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