Lube Review: WET Gellee

WET has the best bottles. Seriously, their WET Gellee bottle looks like some Bath and Body Works magic up in here. I was excited to try it from the moment I got it on my desk. The lid was even sparkly. Sparkly!


This lube comes out of that fancy bottle thick and goopy. In fact, it’s described as a jelly-style lube. I’ve never used a jelly-style lube before, but I was impressed with the texture and quality of Gellee. I’m not a fan of the super slick water-based lubes that shoot out of the bottle and get everywhere. They feel great when they’re doing their job, but they’re a pain to apply. That’s not Gellee. No, this lube will go where you want it to go, and it’ll stay there until you make it do otherwise.

Like many water-based lubes, this did not last as long as I would have preferred. However, it didn’t get sticky or tacky when it dried out, like many of your drugstore lubricant brands. In fact, it just felt kind of nice and cool to the touch, which is always a bonus. Because of this, reapplying wasn’t much of a big deal. It also didn’t feel oily once it had been put through its paces– which is nice if you are the sort of person who finds your lube sticking around for a little too long.

When you’re penetrating something that doesn’t have its own lubrication, you want a much thicker lube. While this lubricant is water-based (silicone is typically recommended for anal), it’s still a great option if you’re adverse to having silicone-based lubes but still want something suited for butt stuff.

As an added bonus, this product is toy-safe! If you’re thinking of trying pegging, or if you’re looking for something that won’t make a mess when you’re trying to manage a few toys on your own here and there, WET’s Gellee will stay in place and off your sheets (learn how to remove persistent lube stains!)


It’s also flavorless and smells like nothing, which means it’s an unobtrusive pick for oral sex. You can even try adding a drop or two of one of WET’s Flavored Lubricants to Gellee to get that thickness with just a little bit of taste.

This lube does have glycerin and parabens, so if you’re sensitive to either one, I’d stay away and go with one of WET’s Naturals products, like Beautifully Bare. I, however, have very sensitive skin and didn’t discover any issue or reaction to using WET Gellee. In fact, I found the aloe in the mix to be soothing and comfortable, making my skin feel cool and relaxed even after sex.


Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict:

Despite the water base, WET Gellee is thick and silicone-free, making it the perfect product for safe anal, especially when there’s toys involved.

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