World Cup Condoms Encourage Safe Sex In Brazil

The World Cup is here, and with it comes a celebration of safe play with new caipirinha-flavored condoms.


Sports and condoms go together like booze and lime. I mean, think about it. Hundreds of incredibly fit attractive people in a beautiful, warm place like Brazil, and you just know people are going to be ready and excited to get their clothing off. And that’s not even adding in the thousands of fans from around the world who are no doubt looking to meet and extend their passion to other fans.

The condoms are caipirinha-flavored. Caipirinha is a cocktail made of sugar, lime, and cachaça–  a spirit distilled from sugarcane, much like rum. Caipirinha is considered the national drink of Brazil, which makes these condoms not only a handy tool, but also a cool souvenir from the land that knows how to party. Each pack of three costs about $1.39, which is a pretty sweet bargain for safe sex.

Joy Miller | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Image via Joy Miller | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Brazil isn’t the only World Cup contender intent on keeping their players and fans safe. Nigeria put forward a giant bid to UNAIDs, the U.N.’s anti-AIDs/HIV program to bring 62 million condoms into the country during the tournament. Maybe if the caipirinha condoms run out, Nigeria will be willing to share the love?

In fact, distributing condoms at major sporting events goes back to the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. Right in the midst of the AIDs epidemic, organizers back then had the foresight to realize that condoms were a necessity for keeping the fit and healthy healthy and fit.

Over 700,000 packs of three Caipirinha condoms have been sold since promotions began in February. Which is twenty-one times as many condoms as were made available to the Olympic village in Sochi this past winter.

The Olympic Committee during that event partnered with Love condoms, who are also known for their anti-AIDs/HIV stance. It’s great to see so many big groups supporting the reality that is safe sex, and it’s even better that so many athletes are being kept safe during what could be the most exciting event of their lives.


While we admire the Brazilian spirit, we do think it’s important to remind you that flavored condoms are best suited for oral sex alone. For people engaging in vaginal or anal sex, we recommend non-flavored condoms, like Crown’s Skinless Skin, since their lubricants typically don’t contain the sugars of flavored lubricants. These sugars will encourage bacterial growth, leading to yeast and other infections.

Remember, even if you are short on Lixx Flavored Dental Dams, you can still modify your favorite flavored condom to keep you and your partner protected during cunnilingus. Find out how to make your own dental dam.

Brazil reportedly has a long and admirable history of condom distribution. Rumor has it, the number of condoms distributed in Rio during Mardi Gras is over 35 million.

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