Product Review: LifeStyles Vibrating Ring

For the stretchiest vibrating ring out there, you’ll want to take a look at the LifeStyles Vibrating Ring.


This has to be one of the stretchiest erection rings my partner and I have had the pleasure of using. The ring itself has bumps in the jelly which make it far more comfortable than the super elastic rings that we’re used to. They don’t cut off the circulation, although you’ll still need to shave to avoid pulling hairs down there, if you’re using it on a partner and not a toy. I could fit it comfortably around my entire wrist, and my partner had no trouble keeping it on nor did he feel any discomfort from its constriction.

The switch on the side of this ring was difficult to push, especially in the heat of the moment. While I appreciate that that makes it nigh impossible to turn on by accident and waste the batteries (a problem I’ve had with rings in the past), I prefer the large, obvious, and easy-to-hit buttons of the Durex Play Vibrations.

This ring also has nubs of varying sizes on it. Those with vaginas can have their partner or their toy face the ring up or down in order to stimulate the clitoris or the anus. I admit that the nubs didn’t feel like much facing up, but facing down, I could certainly feel them.

The box also says that this ring lasts about twenty minutes, but ours lasted a little bit longer (not that we were timing exactly… we were preoccupied), which was pretty cool. When we were done using it, the comfort of the material inspired my partner and I to hold on to it as a non-vibrating erection ring, after cleaning it with some toy cleaner.

The product says that it’s made of silicone, but it’s translucent, which means that that’s not likely. What’s more likely is that it’s a mix of silicone and something else– my guess would be TPR, which makes it porous. This means it’s doubly important to wear this with a condom, especially if you don’t know the STD status of your partner, especially if you wind up using it more than once.

41uCA4bI2bL._SS400_Unlike many other vibrating rings, this one does not come with a condom of its own, but it would make a great pairing with any of its brothers from the LifeStyles line-up. We paired it with a SKYN Large for maximum fun, and even used some of our favorite lube, Liquid Silk, for added slip ‘n’ slide. These rings come in a pack of three or a pack of one for your convenience.

You can check out our Erection Ring Size Chart for more information on whether or not this product will fit you. Also, if you’re new to their world, check out the history of erection rings over at our sister site, Spicy Gear!


Overall Rating: 3 stars

Final Verdict:

It may not have the strongest vibrations or be the easiest to use, but for comfort, the Lifestyles Vibrating Ring can’t be beat.

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