Reader Questions: June 2014

We get a lot of questions here at the Condom Depot Learning Center. Some are great ideas for blog posts for us. Others are something we can easily send back with a short answer. But we realized– with these short answers, not everyone is getting to hear what we have to say!


So, we’re be implementing a monthly column where we compile our favorite questions from the month, anonymously, so that everyone can have access to these all-important questions and answers.

Some of these questions come from our Tumblr, but they are also asked through the form on our Ask Condom Depot section of the site. If you have pertinent questions that you gotta have answered, drop us a line any way you can– Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, or even our Ask Condom Depot form and your answer could be compiled for July’s column. All answers are posted anonymously unless requested. You will be notified if your question is answered so that you can read the response.

You poor thing! We can’t even imagine how painful that must be. Irritation with episiotomy scars during sex is no new thing, and we would really suggest chatting with your OB/GYN before making a commitment to any brand of condom or lube, especially if you have a latex allergy.

Our normal SKYN and SKYN Large condoms don’t have ribs, neither do any of our non-latex condoms, including Trojan’s Bareskin Supra, Trojan’s NautraLamb, and the FC2. All of these condoms are featured in our Non-Latex Sampler. The SKYNs are well-known for being super soft, so that might be a great option for you to continue using.

With the consent of your doctor, you may also try lubing up that area to prevent irritation. Find a lube that you know won’t irritate you (something that you’ve used before, or you can test it out). Very neutral products without tingling, warming, or glycerin products would be ideal. This may even be a good time to use coconut oil— not only will it moisturize and keep your skin soft and pliable, but it’s also reportedly good at keeping wounds clean.

Just be warned about asking your doctor– many doctors get kick backs from certain lube companies and they may recommend it for you whether it’s a good lube or not. Ask for a sample before dropping big money on anything.

Luckily for you, the CDC has said that MRSA is not able to survive for a very long time in swimming pools, so you may be just fine! Check with your doctor and get tested before making any big decisions about your sex life. You can still contract/pass it along through skin-on-skin contact with an infected person.

There’s not enough data out there to officially label MRSA as a sexually-transmitted disease, but it can be contracted through skin-on-skin contact, and we all know that sex is about as skin-on-skin contact as you can get.

If you are infected, just wearing a condom may not be enough. Unless you’re wearing full-body latex suits along with that condom, you’ll still be passing along sweat, skin particles, and all kinds of bacteria, potentially including MRSA. Having cuts or lesions will put you or your partner at an even bigger risk of contracting MRSA.

Have your doctor perform a skin test first to see if you are infected, and then if it comes up positive consult with them about what you should do to prevent passing it on to your partner during hanky-panky. Wearing a condom, like the super thin Crown Skinless Skin, at this point would be essential, but you may just need to stop having sex until your antibiotics clear up the infection.

Condoms may be your best option anyway– remember that most antibiotics nullify hormonal birth control and therefore, you shouldn’t rely on your favorite HBC if you’re on a prescription. That’s how my college roommate was conceived.



Our sister site, Spicy Gear, just published an article on the best lubes for different occasions— and your question was one of the ones they answered!

We agree that sticking to something neutral and simple is a great idea for a first-time buyer. They suggested Liquid Silk, which is a favorite lube of ours as well. It’s simple, not too many chemicals, nothing fancy, but it feels great and it will make everything feel silky and soft. Using a proper lube, like Liquid Silk, for the first time will utterly blow your mind!

You didn’t specify your genitalia, but we have it on good authority that Swiss Navy’s Male Masturbation Cream is the creme de la creme for penis-endowed folks getting to know themselves. Just be careful– some masturbation creams have oil in them which makes them not so great for vaginas or latex and polyisoprene condoms.

Check out our lube guide for more recommendations to find what might suit you best.


Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 8

You’re totally, absolutely, positively RIGHT! Not every dude is going to feel 100% about every single condom he comes in contact with, so it seems pretty useless for folks to go out and buy a pack to keep around for their potential partners.

At the risk of sounding like a shameless self-promo, this is one of the reasons why we make and sell our world-famous condom sampler packs. With tons of choices, your guy is sure to find something that fits. Even better, print out a copy of our size chart and keep a measuring tape nearby so you can make sure your partner is getting the perfect fit before even opening a single condom.

If you don’t know where to get started with our sampler packs, our World’s Best Condom tin features all of our customers’ favorite condoms from all over the size spectrum.

And for those on the go, carry a small, medium, and large condom in one of Durex’s Love Boxes in your purse or backpack, just to cover all your potential bases while you are rounding third and headed home.

Another option is to use the female condom, the FC2. Take all the hand-wringing out of your partner’s hands and insert it up to eight hours before your date begins. Learn how.


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