Product Review: Trojan Hot Spot Vibrating Ring

The Trojan Hot Spot is a brand new product from the Trojan Vibrations line of vibrating rings. How does it compare to the rest, you ask? Read this product review to find out!


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I’ve used a lot of vibrating rings in my day, and with the exception of the Durex Ring of Bliss, they usually feel a lot better than they look. But, I have never seen one that has such an air of mystery and excitement.Right away, I noticed the aesthetics of the product. With its black as night and fishnet-esque pattern, the Trojan Hot Spot would be the ring of choice if Skrillex and Catwoman ever did the horizontal boogie.

The Hot Spot comes with a Trojan Enz condom, but it can be used without a condom, on a toy or with any other condom, like the fabulous LifeStyles Black Label condom– for an all black ensemble. When you slide on this sexy and sleek black ring, you’ll be ready to rock the nightlife in blacked-out style.

This deluxe vibrating ring has a traditional shape, except for the top of the ring, which honestly, is a bit oversized and resembles a clitoris and clitoral hood. Otherwise, the ring is smooth with no extra protrusions or textural nubs to speak of. I found this to be a positive characteristic of the Hot Spot, as too many nubs can be a bit much for me and can lead to overstimulation.


If you’ve never used a vibrating ring, be sure to check out to this informative how to article and the Erection Ring Size Chart for more important information. If you are familiar with them, you know they can be worn right side up or upside down. Depending on the particular ring, I have a preference for one way or the other. I much preferred the Hot Spot to be right side up, and in contact with my clitoral area, rather than the anal region.

Since the Hot Spot is made of a transparent jelly material, I used a water-based lube on it just to be safe. I chose Blossoms Organic Lubricant from my lube arsenal and found that it worked fantastically with the Black Label condom and Hot Spot ring, with no disintegration issues.

The Hot Spot is intended for one time only use and is made to last 20 minutes, but mine chugged along for over 30 minutes. It has a small rubber button on the side of it, which is as convenient and easy to use as the big top on/off button, like the Durex Play rings have, and is a huge step up from the clunky and difficult to use switches on the LifeStyles brand rings. Really, this is just one more plus for the the already awesome squid ink-colored Hot Spot.

Final Verdict:

Prepare to be dazzled by its dark veil of gratifying vibrations. You’ll both be howling at the moon when you use the wickedly attractive Trojan Hot Spot vibrating ring.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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