What The Contraception Mandate Means For You

If you’ve been following the SCOTUS case about birth control as closely as we have, you’re probably wondering what to do next.


An amazing 37%of the pregnancies in the United States are unintended. Around the United States, millions of women are suffering from a variety of hormonal illnesses that could be treated with a simple medication. But now you may find your rights to have your insurance pay for that medication be taken away.

Whether you disagree with the ruling or not, here’s what you can do to keep yourself safe if you find that your employer won’t cover your medication any longer.

This coverage will not affect your ability to go to your OB/GYN and get prescribed birth control. It’s the method of getting that birth control which may prove difficult, but don’t let that stop you from visiting your doctor. They may have some great additional ideas on how you can pay for your care.

Alternatively, check out your local Planned Parenthood and see what options they have to offer. When I was in college, my local one offered free birth control, condoms, and even Plan B to state residents without insurance. Multiple states do.

Readers in New York should look into the Family Planning Benefits Program for free reproductive health coverage, depending on their monthly income and the number of people in their family, as listed below.

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If you are trying to get an IUD, you may encounter some problems. While it’s a great idea for many women (especially those who need hormonal treatment to counteract irregular or painful menstrual symptoms) and it can last for twelve years (with a copper IUD) or five years (with a hormonal one), it can be crazy expensive if you don’t have health insurance.

And, of course, there’s always condoms. We know they aren’t always ideal. And we especially know that they won’t cover the plethora of health problems that the hormonal treatment provided by birth control would. But for preventing pregnancy and STDs, they’re the best way to kill two birds with one stone.

If you are going to turn to condoms, it’s best to be as educated as humanly possible about them. Not only will this improve your experience, but it will also ensure that you are using them safely and effectively. We hope to offer you as much information as we can on the subject at our Learning Center. Here are some great articles to get you started:

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Frankly, we are hopeful that this won’t be a big issue for long. Members of Congress are already calling for a change in policy, the White House is considering unilateral action, and you can even lend your voice to #JoinTheDissent on Twitter. It could be just a matter of time, but for many, that matter of time could be all the difference in the world.

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